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Monday, December 20, 2010

Social Networking Websites- Stop building the site owners list, you'll never have residual income by doing that.

This is the finale of what started out as one single post about social networking websites. But I had to keep going because I just felt like I had to get this out of my mind and I wanted you, my loyal readers to read this. It's been just about two weeks of steady working on this. I have to say I believe this is a worth while subject to be writing about.

I believe that it will leave you with some ah ha moments, and I want you to just really think about everything that I have said. Now if this is your first time here, then you should definitely read Parts 1,2, and 3 before reading the finale. Just click here now.

I firmly believe that when you join social networking websites that your focus should be on, getting to know someone first. The only way to do that is, by checking out their profiles and finding some things that you have in common. As I said in my previous posts, these new site owners have made it all about business. They want people to refer others to join their site and pay them a commission. Most people do that and they think they are going to make BIG MONEY doing that. Little do they know, they're just spinning their wheels.

The thing that gets me about all of this is, they are trying to turn social networking into a business. It's not a business. Who will win? Only the site owners because they have built a list and you don't have a list, and you probably didn't get paid anything either. That's why I am speaking out about this because it is very important to get the word out about this. Everyone should speak out and tell the site owners to stop doing this, they make you believe that referring others will help you. That's a BIG FAT LIE. The only reason they want you to refer anyone is to add them to their list.

Look at it this way, if you refer 50 of your friends. Just say one-third decide to upgrade, okay that's about 17 people and if you're a free member and the site owner says they will pay you 10% per referrer. YOU just made a $1.70. That's not much, when you do the math. But look what has happened for the site owners. All of your 50 friends you just referred goes to their mailing list and they get to email and pitch them on what ever offer they are promoting. YOU see what I'm getting at now, where's your list? You are doing all the work promoting their site and you are not being compensated fairly at all. There list is growing and well, yours is not.

Plus you have to wait to get paid if you ever do. That's not the way social networking is supposed to be. The name "Social Networking" is self explanatory, and it's quite plain and very simple. I have a video that I want to share with you by my friend, Perry Belcher. He gives a great illustration of social networking. Please take a moment and look at it now.

Wasn't that a great video? I know you are having an ah ha moment, then you need to tweet this on Twitter and like this on Facebook and share this post with everyone YOU KNOW and stop this type of behavior. It's all wrong and it's not WIN-WIN for all parties involved. This is just happening to much and I can't take it anymore. Are you in with me?

I need everyone to support me, and together we can STOP site owners from doing this to social networking. Let's keep it real and make it about getting to know, like and trust someone first. Thank you for taking the time to read what I consider to be very important. This should not be taken lightly, let's do something about it now before it's too late.


May God bless you and let's keep social networking websites real. No time like the present. DO IT TODAY AND DO IT NOW!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Social Networking Websites - It's all about relationships, and that's the bottom line!

If you have been keeping up with my previous post, then this post will put you on the right track to having success with social networking. It's really very easy, and all you have to do is be YOU. Develop your relationships, and take your time doing it.

I will stop right here and say this, if you haven't read my previous post. I recommend you do so now.

Click here and read it now

Now back to using the social networking websites, you can have a personal relationship, or it could be a business relationship. If your main focus is having a business relationship, then you should work on developing it correctly. But here's the point that I want to make clear to you, having a business relationship only can have a downside. If your relationships is business only, then you have to realize that at some point you may eventually be competing against one another.

Don't get me wrong, you do need to have these business contacts, but you still need to have some kind of a personal relationship with them. So that you will know more about them personally, the benefits of getting to know someone personally and on a business level can be very beneficial, and rewarding. With social networking, you can have a 1,000 business contacts, but can you talk with all of them at one time. Of course not, you would still have to make contact with these people and interact with them and learn more about their business. So you see there still has to be interaction, because it still has to be developed first. It is a MUST that you develop your personal and business contacts.

Because you want ALL of your contacts to have the best possible impression of you. So that's why it's worth the effort to use social networking sites correctly, and it's so very important to learn this skill. You will be rewarded with, not only a successful business but relationships that will last forever (personal and business).

But the thing I want to stress here is this, when I see social networking websites place the focus on making money and paying people for referring others, and then you see people everywhere promoting for them. Some people will even tell you that this is the easiest home business, it just blows my mind of how uneducated people really are about this. They are not even thinking about this, they just sign up and start telling others about it. They have no interest in developing a relationship, only to get them in so they can make a few dollars.

In reality it takes quite a bit of people to make a decent check, and they don't even know if they are going to get paid. How's that for an eye-opener? Something to think about? YOU bet it is! Yet most people don't think about this, I have seen this and all I could think is, they are just wasting their time. They probably won't get paid, and they are building their list for them, and all these site owners do is send promotional emails to people that join.

They make all the money and you end up waiting to be paid, and probably never will get any money from them. So many people move on to something else to promote, or they get frustrated and quit. It's really ashamed of what's happening to social networking, and I really don't know if it will stop, because there's a lot of people that are looking to make money, and that's how they get people to join. If you feel the same way I do, then I suggest you get a FREE resource I highly recommend that you read, so that you will become educated on how to make money online through education and training. You will find the link at the the end of this post.

This is something that I will help you with, if you're new and just getting started on the internet and you desire to make an extra paycheck from home, then I am only a phone call away. My phone number is on the last page of my FREE e-book, and I am ready and willing to help you to be successful in achieving all your goals. The first step is to take ACTION. Nothing changes until something moves. Are you ready to make that move? Then just do it now!

Click here to read part four, the finale right now!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Social networking Websites - Why Upgrade And Is It Really A Benefit To YOU?

I will begin by saying this first, if you haven't read part one of my post you should do it now. Just click here and read it now.

Moving right along to what I will be uncovering right now. This will be very informative for you and something for you to consider when using these social sites.

I can't believe what I'm seeing these days, social networking has really changed and it has changed so much that they're even trying to make it like a home business. What a bunch of BS they're shooting up your you know what. The idea that you have to pay to socialize is totally uncool. Some social sites that are free, they tell you that they will pay you a percentage of the profits from advertising.

But there's a catch, you have to refer people to their site. But get this, the amount they are paying is so small (usually about ten cents to fifty cents) that it won't amount to much any way. If you're looking to make an extra $100 a month, at the rate of 50 cents per referral, you need to refer 200 people to join and they probably have to refer others or upgrade for you to collect anything. They're certainly not going to pay you when they're not making any money. You do have to work for it! So they have turned this into a job for you, so where is the social networking? Plus you're not getting to know any one because you're so busy trying to get people to join so you can get paid. Hmmm!!!

So who do you think is getting the most benefit from this sort of activity, the site owner, that's who. You're doing all the work and it's not going to bring you any residual income either. So my point is this, why bother because it is the wrong business model, all you are doing is building their list for them and you're telling every one you know to join and do the same thing you are doing.

Does this seem fair? Heck no, it's all wrong and it's not a home business either. But still this is all I see, these so called free social networking sites that say they're free. This is where thinking is required by you. How can they pay you if there's no money involved? There's got to be revenue coming in, if not then they will be shutting down the site.

Take for example Google, if they didn't have people using their search engine who would see all those sponsored ads and what would happen to PPC ads, there wouldn't be NO Google. Even Facebook, what about those ads you see on the side when you log in, that's their revenue from social network advertising. Let's face it, Facebook is probably the most popular social networking website and more than likely they will remain that way for a very long time.

I don't see any of this changing for them, they're just growing everyday. So for all these other social sites that try to persuade people to join by saying that they will pay you. It's all baloney, and it will never work for a business. For any business to work, it has to have all five pillars. This is not up for debate, and that's just the way it is. For those that are interested in knowing what are the FIVE PILLARS for a successful business, I recommend you get the following resource at the end of this post and become educated about them.

My post is just my opinion, and it's what I'm seeing everyday on the internet, and really to me it is giving social networking a bad name. Social networking websites are for one reason, and that is to meet people and gradually over time get to know someone, and build on it. It's all about trust and honesty, having integrity and when you've got all of that, it makes for a great relationship forever. But when you factor money into it, then all of that changes, it's all about making money. So many people have an agenda and people can feel that.

That's why I believe that getting paid for referring people will never work, the social site owners that do it, just want to turn it into a business and make money. That's just the fact and when you think about this, and realize that there is something you can do. Just keep social networking the way it was intended without all the upgrades, forget about the benefits, because all you are doing is giving your money to the site owners and building their list and they in turn will just promote to the people you have referred to them. It's not a WIN-WIN for all parties involved.

The success for social sites like these is only temporary, because people will find another social site and run there, and tell all their friends to join them in there too. No one will be making any money, and everyone has an agenda because it's so much competing going on. NO one is bothering to get to know each other, just sign up with me and make money! What a waste of time, and my last point is that you will end up thinking that you can't make money on the internet. You can win and I can prove it to you, YOU just need the proper education and training. Get the resource at the bottom of the page for FREE!

YOU owe it to your family to move in the direction of your dream. That is possible when you get what you need.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Social Networking Websites - Where is the Focus?

What do I mean when I say where is the focus? Most of these social networking websites are Web 2.0 marketing. 

All that means is when you see a share button on the site, every time someone likes, comments or shares your content from their site. It's a social signal and this is a good thing to do for getting your content more exposure, in the search engines and it means more traffic to their site and your content too.

Don't get me wrong, the site owners want you to interact and meet people, but on the other hand they want you to tell others so they can join the site and then guess what happens next. They're on the site owners list now and they get to send emails to everyone who joins.

These are people you have invited/referred to their site, and then they get to promote to them about some offer they are currently marketing.

Hmmm! Isn't that what you want to happen? Did a light bulb just go off? Don't get mad, it's just how it works, but the thing that sticks in my craw.

It's the social networking groups, a few of these sites want to tell you what you can talk about in your group. Some even have the audacity to remove your post if they feel like you are promoting your business. Well what the heck are they doing when they're mailing out to people that you have referred to them.

So how does internet social networking works, YOU pay a monthly fee to come to a location everyday and the whole purpose is to be able to come their and introduce yourself, start up a conversation and if you meet a lot of people, that's interested in discussing it further then you present them with your business card (a link to your website).

Example: Let's say you got about 4 or 5 people that you're talking with, and say the owner happens to pass and sees that you are passing out your business card, and he says that's not allowed and breaks up your discussion. Is that fair? What did he just do here? He stopped you from doing what you are paying him a monthly fee to do. Social networking is like a great big meeting hall, and if the owners are going to be so controlling as to tell you what you can talk about, then why bother paying them.

That's what you're paying them to do. That's why I avoid sites that you have to pay to do social networking because you're not building your list, only the site owners. I will be writing about this some more. This has really gotten my juices flowing and it's something that should be addressed. Just something that you need to think about.

You really should give this some serious thought, and if you would like to learn how to think, not what to think. I have a video to share with you, this will help you to get rid of all the negativity that gets in your mind. If I have piqued your curiosity then I advise you to look at the video and learn how to get focused so YOU will propel your business so that you will have success in network marketing.

Click here and read PART TWO now.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Network Marketing Business - YOU need a 8 pillar company for success.

This is not going to be very long at all. I want YOU to be successful, and to do that you need to learn about the FIVE pillars for success.

In this post I want to share with you how to find a five pillar company and what it looks like. Imagine having an eight pillar company, YOU know what this means. It's GUARANTEED SUCCESS, and YOU will have residual income and financial freedom forever.

How can I say this?

I have proof of everything I say.

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Building Your Network Marketing Business - Should Not Be Frustrating YOU. If it is, YOU are doing it all wrong!

First off, if you're reading this, then it's safe to assume you are:

1) Thinking about joining a network marketing company.

2) Already in one and it's not going quite like you imagined.

3) Was in one and it didn't work and now you want to give it another try, to see if this time you can make it work.

How am I doing so far? If you said 'YES' to any one of them, then you are who I am looking for. Personally I have been in all three situations. So you see, you're not alone.
Truth be told, everybody has been there and done that. But there is some who wouldn't admit it if they failed. Failure can be a good thing if you learned from your mistakes, right?

But if YOU failed and quit, then that's a different story. There are some people who are professional quitters, what that means is they will find any excuse to give up and quit. That's just them and there's nothing you can do to help them. They are going to quit at everything when they come up against something that's to difficult for them.

I'm looking for the person that wants to learn what I can teach them. Being a great follower means that you will be a great leader one day. That's how great leaders are made. YOU got to admit this to yourself, if you are currently working on a JOB, who are you following? Answer: Your companies rules and regulations, by showing up everyday. Now I'm sure that's not where you want to remain. YOU have dreams, goals and desires for yourself. Right? Of course you do!

Certainly you want better. I have everything you need to build your network marketing business as BIG as you can imagine. But you have to put the key in the ignition and turn it right now! I will TRAIN you the right way for FREE!

I will be waiting to here from you, and I can GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS when YOU turn the key and START RIGHT NOW!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Building A Relationship - Getting to know someone has EXCELLENT BENEFITS for your business!

What I will be talking about today is, Building A Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime, and how it can be very rewarding for you and your business.

A relationship involves communicating with someone, and you share thoughts and ideas with each other, learning what each other likes and dislikes are, and why? In other words finding out just what makes one another tick. It can be easy and fun, getting to know someone. Excuse me but there will be some good and sad times. Didn't want to leave that out. But you will get through it together, and the relationship will grow even more.

Now when you first meet someone (whether it be on the phone, social networking, or in person) you don't have a lot to go on. Until someone takes the initiative and makes the first move and say something. Here's what I want to point out to you, when you say and do the right things, it's really easy and you will be successful in building a relationship that will last forever.

It's all about saying the right thing to get someone attention so that they will listen to you and what you have to say. All YOU do is build on that, and if there's any kind of chemistry going on. You've just started your relationship.

It's all about connecting, MAKING THAT CONNECTION.
Now sometimes you might not connect the first time, don't throw in the towel so fast. You should try it a second time and maybe even a third time if you feel the relationship with this person is important to you. Maybe you might use another angle and see if you can get some kind of interaction going one.

At this point, I want to share with you, an excerpt from an MLM ebook I read and this is what it says:

One question I'd hear over and over was, "Why do some people succeed, while others NEVER do?"

And the answer that kept coming up over and over again was, successful people made the effort to understand what really makes people tick...what motivates them...why they make the choices they make.
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You've got to make the EFFORT, I mean really NO EFFORT, NO SUCCESS. If success is not a burning desire INSIDE YOU. Then you won't have the motivation to make the effort to begin a relationship with someone. After all people join people, not some company. Having a home business is not about sales and profit or how much you made last month. It's about YOU getting to know who someone really is. When YOU get to know someone, that can be a beautiful thing. Watch how things will begin to happen. Everything will fall into place. This is so POWERFUL, I hope that if you get anything out of this post, that's what I want YOU to get. How powerful this is. That is where I can help you.

Learning people's personalities can really impact your business and life positively. No doubt about it.

Now if you're in a business, and let's just say you're doing okay. So my question to you. Would you like to be doing more than okay? How about if I say it another way. Would you like to have WEALTH? Or here's another way to put it. Would you like to have FREEDOM? How about FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

Two great words, you would have to agree with me...right? ABSOLUTELY!

Well if you said "YES" no hesitation at all to what you've just read, then you are who I am looking for. I challenge you NOW to make the effort and GO HERE NOW and let's get busy so YOU can have the WEALTH AND FREEDOM that you desire.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Building Your Network Marketing Business - How To Have Fun Doing It?

Yes, YOU can have fun building your network marketing business. If you're not then you ARE NOT doing it right!

Big statement, yeah I know.

But here's what I know and learned from experience.

It's not about having the best product, or recruiting someone in your business to get that almighty BONUS CHECK.

It's more to it then that. If you believe otherwise you are sadly mistaken. How quickly you will learn the truth when the person that joined you doesn't do anything.

This is your wake up call, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!
When the video is over, continue reading.

While that man was in the hole, someone sent a rope down to him so he could get out of that hole. I want YOU out of the hole you're in. Your lack of success is not your fault. Here's the HOPE you need to climb out of that hole of failure in your business, and climb the ladder of SUCCESS.

Here's what happened to me in one of my network marketing companies I joined in the past. I sponsored someone into my MLM company and they were all excited because I had convinced them that they was about to make BIG MONEY when they did so.

I didn't know what was coming up for me, they got there first order in and begin using it. They didn't like it because they said it didn't help them (at the time they had a cold) so listening to me they used it to help their cold and when it didn't, all I could say was, well it worked for me continue using it. You can probably guess what happened. They didn't do anything to build their business and they quit. But we're still friends and that's a good thing. Oh by the way all I got paid was $30. But it was a good learning experience for me.

A valuable lesson that's in my story I just told: If I had known then what I know now. The results would have been different. But when you don't know, you don't know. But I have learned a many things from a FREE source that I will share with you in just a minute.

But Here's How to Get Good MLM leads:

1. Meet Prospects and have FUN doing it.

One thing I do is, when I go into the grocery store and I'm getting ready to checkout. I always get into the longest line. Why? Because most people are in a hurry and want to get out, so when a person comes up behind me I always offer them to go ahead of me as a gesture. You know what they will say next-thank you, and that will give me a chance to start up a conversation with them. I always have my business card or maybe ask them a question or something. It's up to you what you want to say.

But that is a great way to meet prospects and talk to people. Who knows where it will go, but the main thing is that you will have an opportunity to present your business card and talk to them. They will acknowledge your card, and they will either ask you for more information or say thank you. In any case, you got to share your business. See what comes out of it. If you left an impression on the person, they will remember you the next time that you see them in the store and may later decide to call you back, and they will have your business card to do so.

If I had knew years ago what I just shared with you about getting prospects, I probably would have fared a whole lot better with that person I sponsored in my other MLM company years ago. Chalk it up as a lesson well learned. It's all because I read a FREE ebook that has changed every thing for me. If you would like to get it then just simply go here and GET IT NOW!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is the right way to get MLM leads & BUILD Your Home Business!

Have them begging YOU to tell them about your business.

Now we all know that, in order to be successful in business. YOU need leads, you need prospects to talk too.

The video below by my mentor and good friend Tom "Big Al" Schreiter will educate you on how to get prospects the RIGHT WAY!

Now didn't what he said make sense to you. Of course it did! Now YOU should definitely sign up for his report and one other thing you should get, is the FREE ebook I have for you.

Without it, you success will not happen for you. I know I am being blunt but there's no other way to put it. As Tom says in his video "YOU will need skills to earn money in network marketing." This is point blank and a fact and my advice to you is to get the ebook now before you leave here.

Just GET THE BOOK and learn about the MLM Lead Generation system I am using.

One other thing, Tom says: "I've never seen a book that has produced as many strong network marketing leaders as fast as Michael Dlouhy's 'Success in 10 Steps.' If you're serious about avoiding the pitfalls and creating a successful future in MLM. This is the book to read!"

Now, there's only ONE thing, actually two things.
Get the book and have the Network Marketing success you desire!

And L@@K at the video again!
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Are YOU ready for SUCCESS?


I have such a team and a system in place and it is proven to work. Another great thing about it is, it's FREE for YOU! All YOU have to do is say 'YES' to this opportunity. That is if you want financial freedom. Just like Robert Kiyosaki said in his video. YOU don't have to do it by yourself. Use my team of professionals that will help you every step of the way.

I will leave you with this thought. NOW stands for NO OPORTUNITY WAITS.
This is your opportunity to have it all, everything you want in life.


Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Make Facebook Work For YOU?

I just did something today that is going to make me more money online. Do YOU want to know what it is?

I'm not going to tell you, I want to show you.

This is so simple, and you can do it.

Just take a look here now and YOU will understand.

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