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Monday, November 29, 2010

Social networking Websites - Why Upgrade And Is It Really A Benefit To YOU?

I will begin by saying this first, if you haven't read part one of my post you should do it now. Just click here and read it now.

Moving right along to what I will be uncovering right now. This will be very informative for you and something for you to consider when using these social sites.

I can't believe what I'm seeing these days, social networking has really changed and it has changed so much that they're even trying to make it like a home business. What a bunch of BS they're shooting up your you know what. The idea that you have to pay to socialize is totally uncool. Some social sites that are free, they tell you that they will pay you a percentage of the profits from advertising.

But there's a catch, you have to refer people to their site. But get this, the amount they are paying is so small (usually about ten cents to fifty cents) that it won't amount to much any way. If you're looking to make an extra $100 a month, at the rate of 50 cents per referral, you need to refer 200 people to join and they probably have to refer others or upgrade for you to collect anything. They're certainly not going to pay you when they're not making any money. You do have to work for it! So they have turned this into a job for you, so where is the social networking? Plus you're not getting to know any one because you're so busy trying to get people to join so you can get paid. Hmmm!!!

So who do you think is getting the most benefit from this sort of activity, the site owner, that's who. You're doing all the work and it's not going to bring you any residual income either. So my point is this, why bother because it is the wrong business model, all you are doing is building their list for them and you're telling every one you know to join and do the same thing you are doing.

Does this seem fair? Heck no, it's all wrong and it's not a home business either. But still this is all I see, these so called free social networking sites that say they're free. This is where thinking is required by you. How can they pay you if there's no money involved? There's got to be revenue coming in, if not then they will be shutting down the site.

Take for example Google, if they didn't have people using their search engine who would see all those sponsored ads and what would happen to PPC ads, there wouldn't be NO Google. Even Facebook, what about those ads you see on the side when you log in, that's their revenue from social network advertising. Let's face it, Facebook is probably the most popular social networking website and more than likely they will remain that way for a very long time.

I don't see any of this changing for them, they're just growing everyday. So for all these other social sites that try to persuade people to join by saying that they will pay you. It's all baloney, and it will never work for a business. For any business to work, it has to have all five pillars. This is not up for debate, and that's just the way it is. For those that are interested in knowing what are the FIVE PILLARS for a successful business, I recommend you get the following resource at the end of this post and become educated about them.

My post is just my opinion, and it's what I'm seeing everyday on the internet, and really to me it is giving social networking a bad name. Social networking websites are for one reason, and that is to meet people and gradually over time get to know someone, and build on it. It's all about trust and honesty, having integrity and when you've got all of that, it makes for a great relationship forever. But when you factor money into it, then all of that changes, it's all about making money. So many people have an agenda and people can feel that.

That's why I believe that getting paid for referring people will never work, the social site owners that do it, just want to turn it into a business and make money. That's just the fact and when you think about this, and realize that there is something you can do. Just keep social networking the way it was intended without all the upgrades, forget about the benefits, because all you are doing is giving your money to the site owners and building their list and they in turn will just promote to the people you have referred to them. It's not a WIN-WIN for all parties involved.

The success for social sites like these is only temporary, because people will find another social site and run there, and tell all their friends to join them in there too. No one will be making any money, and everyone has an agenda because it's so much competing going on. NO one is bothering to get to know each other, just sign up with me and make money! What a waste of time, and my last point is that you will end up thinking that you can't make money on the internet. You can win and I can prove it to you, YOU just need the proper education and training. Get the resource at the bottom of the page for FREE!

YOU owe it to your family to move in the direction of your dream. That is possible when you get what you need.

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almennigen said...

Excellent article with important information

Ciara said...

Very well put together Terri. I would have never thought of it that way and I would probably never been able to put two and two together. This article is jam packed with a lot of information that they can keep in the back of their minds and can possibly share with others. Excellent Excellent Excellent!

Vita Woman said...

This was a very true and well put together. It has a lot of information to put on a person's mind that is hoping around from site to site trying to make money, not realizing or even knowing for that matter, that the site owner is the one who is making all the money.Perfect!