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Monday, December 20, 2010

Social Networking Websites- Stop building the site owners list, you'll never have residual income by doing that.

This is the finale of what started out as one single post about social networking websites. But I had to keep going because I just felt like I had to get this out of my mind and I wanted you, my loyal readers to read this. It's been just about two weeks of steady working on this. I have to say I believe this is a worth while subject to be writing about.

I believe that it will leave you with some ah ha moments, and I want you to just really think about everything that I have said. Now if this is your first time here, then you should definitely read Parts 1,2, and 3 before reading the finale. Just click here now.

I firmly believe that when you join social networking websites that your focus should be on, getting to know someone first. The only way to do that is, by checking out their profiles and finding some things that you have in common. As I said in my previous posts, these new site owners have made it all about business. They want people to refer others to join their site and pay them a commission. Most people do that and they think they are going to make BIG MONEY doing that. Little do they know, they're just spinning their wheels.

The thing that gets me about all of this is, they are trying to turn social networking into a business. It's not a business. Who will win? Only the site owners because they have built a list and you don't have a list, and you probably didn't get paid anything either. That's why I am speaking out about this because it is very important to get the word out about this. Everyone should speak out and tell the site owners to stop doing this, they make you believe that referring others will help you. That's a BIG FAT LIE. The only reason they want you to refer anyone is to add them to their list.

Look at it this way, if you refer 50 of your friends. Just say one-third decide to upgrade, okay that's about 17 people and if you're a free member and the site owner says they will pay you 10% per referrer. YOU just made a $1.70. That's not much, when you do the math. But look what has happened for the site owners. All of your 50 friends you just referred goes to their mailing list and they get to email and pitch them on what ever offer they are promoting. YOU see what I'm getting at now, where's your list? You are doing all the work promoting their site and you are not being compensated fairly at all. There list is growing and well, yours is not.

Plus you have to wait to get paid if you ever do. That's not the way social networking is supposed to be. The name "Social Networking" is self explanatory, and it's quite plain and very simple. I have a video that I want to share with you by my friend, Perry Belcher. He gives a great illustration of social networking. Please take a moment and look at it now.

Wasn't that a great video? I know you are having an ah ha moment, then you need to tweet this on Twitter and like this on Facebook and share this post with everyone YOU KNOW and stop this type of behavior. It's all wrong and it's not WIN-WIN for all parties involved. This is just happening to much and I can't take it anymore. Are you in with me?

I need everyone to support me, and together we can STOP site owners from doing this to social networking. Let's keep it real and make it about getting to know, like and trust someone first. Thank you for taking the time to read what I consider to be very important. This should not be taken lightly, let's do something about it now before it's too late.


May God bless you and let's keep social networking websites real. No time like the present. DO IT TODAY AND DO IT NOW!


Judy Cook said...

Yes let's keep Social Networking
Websites the way they are suppose to be. We do not want to build the site owners list. Sorry
I agree with Terri Patio

Cristina said...

Thanks Terri and Perry, Great wakeup. LEt's keep the social in social networking !
all the best,
Cristina Oliver