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Monday, December 31, 2012

Reflections - 2012 Is History And 2013 Is Here

So what are your long and short term goals?

Have you written it down, if not then you should do this first. However there is one thing you must do before you write it down.

YOU need to meditate and pray about it. This is your future you are talking about.

This past year has been the best for me, I have met many new friends online and I am very blessed to know ALL of my friends. One person I can definitely say has been a blessing to me and they live in California. Even though we have different personalities and live miles away from each other, I can really say that I believe it will be a long lasting friendship. We enjoy many fun times laughing on the phone, and learning about each other. It took time for us to get to this point and this is a relationship that will last a lifetime.

That is what's it's all about.


This has been a great year for me because I have progressed so much in my business and my name is branded on the internet as a mentor with a servant's heart.  This is what I do and I'm looking forward to a fantastic new year.

What I want to know from you is, have you met someone that has made an impact in your life? Has your success arrived or has it been eluding you? If you answered "YES" that your success has not arrived then I can help you.

Now I would like for you to share your answer here on this post to the two questions above and then I recommend that you look at the two videos below. This is two great songs that I like and hopefully you will like them too.


Since  you are here, take a look around and see what I'm all about. Please do get my free e-book located at the top to your right for internet marketers. This is what you need for success so that you will have residual income in 2013.

Now I want to know something from you?

YOU need help for your business, then how come you don't get my e-book now?

I can help you and will guarantee your success when you do.

Well time is money and money is time, and I'm doing all this for free.

Just paying it forward and when you succeed then I do too.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MLM Training - The Motives Of Scammers, They're Master Manipulators

 It is so sad to see so many scams being perpetrated on the internet, and what's even sadder is that these scammers go to such lengths to defraud money from people. They are masters at manipulating people by insinuating themselves into people's lives and making them believe that they care what happens to them. When in reality it is a facade and they don't even care about anyone but themselves.

Being a scammer is a sickness I believe and they will reap what they sow from a higher power.

Just like a person who gambles they can't help themselves they will place a bet on their mother if they believe they are going to win it.

Now what about these scam artists. 

What is their motive?

Well this is my opinion, they love manipulating people and it's probably a challenge to them to see how many people they can scam. Who's knows how they got this way and when it started? They're controllers and this is power to them. They call the shots and you're just a pawn in their game. Any move they make is going to benefit them, because they don't care about anyone.

What is manipulation?  It's a behavior a person may use in order to get their way.  Saying certain things or behave in a certain way to make someone give them what they want.

Now what are the motives of scam artist(s). In order to illustrate my point to you, I will give you the:

Definition Of Motives - the goal of object of a person's action. In other words there goal (or objective) will make that person act in a certain way. If deceiving you is the way to get what they want they will do it.

For instance, a scammer has a goal of doing what? Defrauding the people they come in contact with, through the use of deceptive practices.

Being deceptive is an art form for the scammer and they are masters at manipulating people. I know what you are thinking how do I know all of this?

The Education and training that I received from my mentor, plus learning the skills of how to find the right business opportunity. This is why I help people to find the right network marketing company so they will make residual income in their home business.

Network marketing is the industry that will let you do it provided you get what you need first. Don't let scam artists take your dream away from you by deceiving you into believing what they say. There deceptive practices will surely lure you away.

There is a way for you to succeed in network marketing. I have the solution for you and all that you MUST do is get my FREE e-book on network marketing located to your right and read it right away.
I will contact you within 48 hours so that we can get started with your free MLM training so that you can reach your goals and make your dreams a reality.

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Live and Learn in the now" 


Thursday, December 6, 2012

MLM Training - More Gotcha Clauses To Watch For In Your Policies And Procedures

Today I will be sharing with you a few clauses that may or may not be in your policies and procedures. Many people sign up for network marketing companies and don't even read them. The policies and procedures is your contract, and you must read them so that you will know what your company intends to do for you or possibly against you.

In a previous post, I spoke about a few gotcha clauses and you can read and know what they are at the link here ==> FREE MLM Training - Do you know what's in your policies and procedures 

What I will be sharing with you are a few more gotcha clauses that you might find in your policies and procedures. Let's get started and the first one I will share with you is:

Transfer of Sponsorship and this is a big one you must understand. Okay your goal is to build a business so that you will have residual income and leave it to your spouse and children as an inheritance. How can you do that if your network marketing company has a clause in the contract that says an associate may not sell, assign or otherwise transfer his associateship,marketing position, or other associate rights without written approval by the company which may not be unreasonably withheld. Sounds like you are an employee, doesn't it? Suppose circumstances makes it impossible for an associate to run the business, and they decide they want to transfer it to their spouse (who has been working the business with them all along). According to the clause, they will have to get permission to do this from the company. What if the company don't approve of it.  Didn't you build the team of partners? Didn't you work hard to earn residual income with this company? Now you can't even leave an inheritance for them because of this clause.

Is this fair?

In my opinion, I don't believe it is. Some people may not get the full understanding of what this means and may not care but it is a reason to be concerned of why a network marketing company would put this clause in the contract in the first place. The only reason they would do this is so they can terminate you when you break your legal binding agreement. Which means they don't have to pay you. It's sad when you see a clause like this because it means that the company does not have your best interest at heart.

Another clause that should concern you is Associate Authorization. This is a huge, huge one to pay careful attention to, because when an associate dies what happens and who has the right to collect the bonuses and what about the associate duties and the status of his position. Well if the associate is married, the assumption is that it passes to his/her spouse and/or children(s). If the clause says that written application must be received within ninety (90) days of the date of death. If the company does not receive appropriate instruction within ninety (90) days of the death of an associate, the associateship will be terminated or reassigned. The successor associate must fulfill all duties of the associate.

Now let's break it down like this, suppose there are unforeseen circumstances and they don't contact the company to let them know about the death of the associate within ninety days and when they finally let them know about the death, the ninety days has passed and it will be too late and the company will terminate the associateship.

Is this fair? No it's not. Does the company have your best interest at heart? Nope they surely don't. They don't have to pay the spouse anything. It's a legal binding agreement and it will stand up in court because it is in the policies and procedures.

These two clauses I feel should not be in P&P's at all, it is showing that the company does not care about their distributors at all.

I hope that this post has been eye opening for you and please leave your comments below, I'd love to hear them and if you found this to be beneficial then please share on the various social and bookmarking sites.

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Live and Learn in the now"

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

MLM Training - If The Shoe Fits.....

Well you know the rest of it.

In this post I will be giving you information that will help YOU to not be scammed on the internet.

You certainly don't want to lose any money in the process while you are looking for a business to make money online. For the most part it is happening much to regular these days because it is very clear to me that the majority of these so called business opportunities are nothing but scams. They are elaborate schemes designed to get money out of you and give you nothing in return.

The only way to avoid being scammed is through education so you will know what to look for while you are searching online.

Don't get caught up in them at all until you educate yourself on how to find a business that will pay you based on your efforts to sponsor people in your team and you sell a product or service, in return you  will get paid for it and when you have repeat customers buying from you every week or month, this means you will have residual income.

In the world today the economy is not looking great at all, people are fearful that they won't be able to take care of their expenses, or if there J.O.B. will last.

That's where network marketing can help those that are looking to make a change in their life.  I am dedicated to helping those who have a burning desire and a passion to start their own business. I will help you to have a successful home business.

What I will give to you is skills and training, this is free of course. NO charge ever!

Why? I am paying it forward because of my gratitude to the person that help me.

YOU will learn how to generate your own targeted leads, BUYING LEADS IS A SCAM!

YOU will learn how to evaluate a companies polices and procedures.

YOU will learn how to evaluate a companies pay plan to know if  it will give you residual income you desire to retire and enjoy life.

YOU will learn about the different business models of these companies. (this is critical that you know this)

and so much more you will learn. So as the title says If the shoes fits.... wear it!

If you're ready then I am waiting to help you be successful.

Take action now, look to your right and fill in the form. I will send you a free e-book that will tell you what you must do to be a successful network marketer. If you don't get this book then you are just wasting precious time because there is no shortcut to success. Step by step and you will get to the top when you do. It is what it is and YOU must go through the steps.

FOCUS ON THE REWARD NOT THE PROCESS! It is a process and you must get started.

Start right now, fill out the form to the right and begin reading the e-book immediately. Don't delay reading it because this is your future. YOU can't change it if you don't take action.


Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Live and learn in the now"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Network Marketing Or Direct Sales

One gives you residual income and the other just pays you a commission (short term profit).
I will elaborate further in this post to give you all the facts so that you can make a decision on which is best for you.

I will start with Direct Sales first, by giving you a definition: "The direct personal presentation, and most often a demonstration is done, and the sale of products and services is made to the consumers, usually in their homes or at their jobs."

Based on what you just read it is self explanatory.

Direct selling is about individual sales agents reaching and dealing directly with clients. This is definitely different then direct marketing.

Direct marketing is when a business chooses to have a relationship with their customers without going through an agent/consultant or retail outlet. Do YOU see the difference?

There is a vast difference.

  Direct selling often, but not always, uses multi-level marketing aka MLM (salesperson is paid for selling and for sales made by people he recruits or sponsors) rather than single-level marketing (salesperson is paid only for the sales he makes himself)

Based on that fact which would you prefer? I know which one I would prefer. The fact remains direct selling will not earn you residual income. Bottom line, it's short term profits.

If you are attempting to make money online, it's safe to assume that you want to retire one day and enjoy the rest of your life with NO worry about paying your bills.

In my opinion I don't believe that direct sales will earn you residual income. You are a salesperson and unless you are selling a product or service where they pay you $1,000 to $2,000 a week. Your chances of retirement is slim and none.

Now I will speak about network marketing. I will tell you this first and it is IMPORTANT that you get this.


It's not a numbers game, people are people.

People have goals, dreams and desires of their own. The relationship is the process and this is network marketing.

It means a successful business and residual income.

Products come and go. Companies come and go. Your spiderweb of friends if you do it right, treat them right, will last forever.

It is what it is and I will certainly validate this as being factual and true. If you will take two minutes and just do a Google search on my name now (Terri Pattio) and see how I am branded on the internet.  Getting your name branded on the internet the right way takes time and so do your relationships. You  simply cannot rush this process YOU must first get to know, like and trust someone. This MUST be two way communication and the important thing to remember is that all parties involved must LISTEN to one another.

The people you sponsor into your network marketing business will be your friend and business partner  for life and  this is how everyone in your team will make residual income. YOU will have a team of leaders that will reap the rewards of their efforts together.

With direct selling you are trading long term stability for short term profit. This is not good at all, because when you get done with your presentation. Now you have to close them and YOU pray that you have did a great job so they will buy your product or service so you will get paid.

In network marketing, closing people is a stab in the heart. YOU simply can't do this because if you do this, then the next month you will have to close them again to get them to do any work. They have to sell themselves and this is done when you have taken the time to get to know, like and trust them and the feeling is mutual.

It's a two way street and this is a requirement. YOU cannot skip this process and expect to build your network marketing business and have residual income for life.

I believe that I have covered this thoroughly and If you found this to be useful. Please share with your friends.

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Live and Learn in the now"

Thursday, October 4, 2012

MLM Training - How To Make Residual Income

I will begin by letting you know that every word I am saying will be validated. In this post I will give you an explanation of why I believe that residual income is better than auto pilot income.

Before I get started, I recommend that you read my previous post titled "MLM Training - The difference between residual income and auto pilot income.

Okay I will start by saying again that auto pilot income is JUST HYPE!

Now I'm not saying that you won't make any money using these auto pilot income systems that are being promoted. It's possible that you will. Here's the catch, the product(s) owner will make a great deal more than you will. It's simple logic because they will always recommend YOU to tell others and they will pay you a commission to do it. They will give you an affiliate link and this is how it works it is what it is. It does know good for them to create a system and no one is using it but them.  This is the reason they created the system in the first place so they can get a lot of people to buy it, and they need help to promote it so this is why they give you a link and recommend that you do so because they know you want to make money and they will pay you a commission (usually 50%). What many people don't realize is, it's not residual income. Also these systems are tools and it's illegal to pay commissions on tools.

Now I will explain about residual income. What I like most about it is, you do the work one time and get paid over and over and over again. When it is done correctly, YOU will get paid every week, bi-weekly or monthly. Learning to earn residual income is a lot easier then promoting different products and services to make a fast buck, you will never be able to retire doing this. You MUST have repeat customers that buy from you every month, this is how you create your residual income.

Residual income is the only way to go, because it means financial freedom and you can retire one day.

It means that you can do all those things that a job won't let you do. You're the boss and can work your own schedule because you know that you have money coming in when you take time off  from your business. When you learn how to find a business opportunity that will compensate you fairly for your efforts, get the skills and training you need then you will be on your way to having peace and happiness in your life.


I will say this much, it is a process and when you FOCUS on the reward (which is earning your residual income) then it will be easier for you to reach your goals and make money online.


Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Live and Learn in the now"

Sunday, September 23, 2012

MLM Training - The Difference Between Residual Income And Auto Pilot Income


I am going to start by saying, a residual occurs when you do the work once and you get paid over and over again for that work done.

Multi-millionaires know the secret to creating true wealth is creating residual income. YOU make money 24 hours a day because you did it right the first time.

Auto Pilot Income

Speaking frankly, some money hungry greedy person made it up. When you think about it, you will agree when I illustrate it to you.

You have a pilot on an airplane, and thanks to technology and programmers, there's a whole lot of things that can be done automatically through use of programs, but there is one requirement. Someone has to monitor the program to make sure that it is working properly. It's not a set it and forget it deal. If the pilot sets a plane on auto pilot to fly to their destination and falls asleep on the job and something happens that was not expected (such as bad weather while in the air). Will the program handle it correctly? It can't know how severe the weather is and what to do. The instructions given to it was by the pilot on board. Who will land the plane?  This is something that has to be done by the pilot. This calls for the pilot's attention.

Such is the case with  all of the software that people are creating and selling to people, they tell you it takes five minutes to set it up and you can forget it. They tell you it will make you money without any effort on your part.

This is not true. There is no such thing as something for nothing.

Here's my point on this, isn't it true that computers are machines, and that people write these program based on an idea they had. A program will only do what the programmer has told it to do. Since people are not perfect there is no way possible they can anticipate what will happen to the program in the future. So if you just set it and forget it, then how will you know if it is working correctly. There will be bugs in it for sure. This is why the programmer must update it and they must monitor it to be sure that it is working properly.

Auto Pilot Income System

Is there such a thing? A big NO!

Let's look at it this way, if there was then no one would have anything to do. YOU must put forth effort and earn an income. Paying for a software to do all the work is ridiculous. What's even more ridiculous is to pay a high price for it and then something happens to the software or it becomes obsolete because the programmer doesn't monitor or updates it regularly to keep up with new developments. If this isn't done by the programmer then you have been scammed out of your money and left with a worthless software.

Now that auto pilot income is gone if you ever had it.  What's even worse is when someone has a software and they sell it to people and then tell YOU to become an affiliate and promote it to others and they will pay you a commission. The software is a tool and it's illegal to do this. The software owner is building his list and doesn't realize that the Attorney General will eventually shut them down.



Check it out for yourself, call your local Attorney General office and verify what I'm saying is true.


That's what they tell you, so that you will buy there software. They will give you some hyped up website with a fancy car, showing a lot of money on it. It's a lure and they are just baiting you in. Auto pilot income is not real.

Also it's not residual income.

On my next post I will go into great details and explain how residual income is better then auto pilot income. Please return back here and read and learn from it.

If you enjoyed this post and found it to be informative then please share it.

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Marketing Automation Tools - Can Be Harmful If You Over Do It!

With technology being what it is today, new software is coming out each and everyday. Programmers write programs that will make things easier for you. This is a good thing when used in moderation, and it cannot be misused or abused.

What I want to speak about today is web automation tools. There are plenty of them on the internet these days. All a person has to do is go to Google and do a search for what they are looking for and they are sure to find it. It's nothing wrong with that, the thing that sticks in my craw the most is when someone takes automated tools and goes overboard with it by using it in the social sites, not knowing that this will take them down very fast.

For what? Just to show how smart you were. Greed and Ego. Not thinking of the consequences of your actions will hurt your reputation when all is said and done. If it's numbers you are looking at, a lot good it will do you if you're using this on social sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These sites don't like this at all, and they have programs that will catch any abnormal activity. The point of social networking is for you to go to the site on a consistent basis, interact and get to know people. Having friends and relationships is what it's all about. If you're in business then this will work out very good for you. Let's face it, if you're using automated tools and not doing any social networking then any success you are having will be temporary.

Let's take Facebook for example this is a social site and they do expect you to log in on a regular basis. If you never log in but they see post from you that's coming from a software automation tool every 5 minutes or less then you can bet they will shut you down quick fast and in a hurry. No more Facebook account and there is plenty more that can happen to you in the search engines.

Since Facebook is a major social site, Google will get involved and this means your website ranking and indexing will probably be gone. Google will probably bury you so far in the search engines, and this means NO TRAFFIC FOR YOU!


Since Facebook terminated your account, everything will be lost and any links you had posted in Facebook will be gone. 

On Facebook when someone likes, comments or shares something you post, this sends a signal to the search engines and it allow you to get indexing and ranking too. Also since Facebook is an authority site, this tells the search engines that your website link is worth indexing and ranking in the search engines.
This is pretty much how it works on Twitter too. When someone retweets or clicks on your links in Twitter this sends a signal to the search engines. You definitely don't want these sites to terminate your accounts because of overuse of automated tools.  It's not being social and the only interaction that is going on is between computers.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin don't like this kind of activity going on. Using marketing automation tools must be done in a way that looks natural and it should not stop you from visiting the sites on a regular basis and interacting.

Over doing it can be harmful if you do!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blog Syndication, SEO Link Building And Free Targeted Traffic From The Search Engines

FREE Targeted Traffic from the search engines.

This is what all online marketers need and want. Without it, there's no chance for you to be successful at all. So this is a priority, among other things such as branding your name on the internet. I will be sharing with you, a way for you to get everything you need to make money online. I recommend that you read every word on this page because as a professional network marketer and Mentor, I am dedicated to giving you the facts to make a decision with accurate information.

FREE Guaranteed Targeted Traffic

Will you agree with me on this? Is it logical that you want to expose your business to as many people as possible on a daily basis? Of course you do. Also you want organic traffic, PPC ads can be costly if your budget doesn't allow for this.

So it stands to reason that you want FREE traffic from the search engines where people are looking for you and this will be targeted prospects for your business to grow when you are getting them on daily basis.

SEO Link Building

Is necessary for you to getting ranked and indexed by the search engines. I have a solution for that, and since I have been doing this for quite sometime. I will assure you that it works. The Power of using the social media sites will help you with getting social signals (likes on Facebook, tweets on Twitter, social bookmarking sites) because this is one way the search engines will be able to index and rank your website or business. I have a group on Facebook that does all of this.

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Now if you are a blogger or using article marketing as a way of branding your name on the internet then this is absolutely the way for you to get those much needed blog backlinks from people who are actually reading and sharing your post to the social and bookmarking sites. The search engines really relies on sites like Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon for finding content to index and rank in there search engines. So it is your job to attract people to read your blog or article, then have them share it for you. So the more quality backlinks you get from real people will help your get found in the search engines. I have another group on Facebook named "Post your blogs and articles here for SEO!" The name is self explanatory, and it is only for blogs and articles only. NO SPLASH PAGES, WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE ALLOWED. The reason being is, my purpose for creating the group is for content syndication to get you indexing and ranking in the search engines which means getting those quality backlinks.

There are many great writers in the group and I am happy to say that I am privileged to know them all by reading their content. Also we get to chat in the group on several occasions which is another reason to be here. You can meet many people here and we all have one thing in common, WE LOVE TO BLOG AND WRITE ARTICLES.

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I thank you for your time because it is valuable and I always strive to give value for your time because it is so very precious. I look forward to meeting you soon. Terri Pattio MLM Coach Mentor with a servant's heart "Live and learn in the now"

Monday, May 28, 2012

Residual Income - For The Love Of Money (Part 2)

Here's Part One of Residual Income - For The Love Of Money (Part One)

Okay back to what happened to Rick in his new business. Well he waited a week for his check to come, and he was patient and waited another week. Now he decided to call the company to find out what happened and why he didn't get his check. This is when he found out that he would not get one yet.

They told him he had to wait until he reached the minimum payout amount or he could use what he had accumulated so far as payment on his monthly subscription. Rick thought to himself, everyone who joined him would have to do the same thing too. At his recommendation they all paid $50 too, he didn't realize it was a monthly subscription. Another thing he didn't understand was the 2x5 force matrix.

He did not know what that meant, so he needed to understand just what that meant in terms of how he would get compensated for his efforts. He focused his time on learning how a 2x5 matrix works and he learned about it and knew what he needed to do. He proceeded to educate his friends and others who joined him on what they had to do.

A month and a half has passed by, everything looked good to Rick. He and his business partners are getting customers that's purchasing and the only thing that's bothering him is "why hasn't he received a check yet?"  He has been  paying his monthly subscription but the company have not paid him anything. He's believes that he must have the minimum payout and nothing has come in the mail.

What he doesn't know is, he has to request payment.

The company has been taking his monthly subscription from his account, and he has a significant amount that's sitting there and he needs the money because his daughter has become sick and he has to pay the hospital bill that was left. Money is getting a little tight and people in his team are wondering when they are going to get paid. Rick hasn't been actively marketing his business for a month because he is helping his wife with taking care of their daughter.

Another month has passed and his daughter is getting better, so now he goes to look at his account from his business and he gets a message that his account don't exist.  He immediately calls the company and they inform him that since he was inactive for over 60 days this is what happens. He asks them about the money that was in his account, they informed him that his money was gone because of him failing to keep his position active and staying qualified each month. They informed him that because of his inactivity in his business this resulted in him losing his money. You agreed to this when you signed up because it is in our policies and procedures.

Rick thought to himself "I had over $300 in that account. How can they do this?"

He told them that he would be talking with his lawyer about this. It's my money and I worked hard for it, and what about the people I got to join, what happened to them?

The company rep told him, they are still in the company and were placed under someone else.

Rick thinks "What will my team think of me? I'm no longer in the company because my daughter was sick and could not work like I wanted too. It's not fair to do this to me. It wasn't my fault my daughter got sick. Don't this person understand, why can't she help me. Why won't they pay me what's mine. I need that money now and it's gone."

Rick asks them to speak to someone with authority to make decisions about payment of his money that was in his account. The company rep informed him that it would not do any good because when he signed up, he had every opportunity to read the policies and procedures before joining. They asked him did he read them completely and  understand what he read. He answered that he only read part of it.

They said I am sorry about your daughter being sick but their is nothing we can do, it is in the policies and procedures. It's all right there and the fact remains you agreed by signing, this is perfectly legal. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Rick said no and hung up feeling real sick now. What was he going to say to his wife, daughter and all the people that he got in. That night he couldn't sleep because of all that he had just learned. So he got up and went to read those policies and procedures. He found out everything was true and learned a whole lot more after reading them completely.

The lesson to this story is, always read your policies and procedures before joining any affiliate or network marketing program. It is your contract with the company and it is a legal and binding agreement, you will know if they have integrity and learn about the company's management experience.

What really amazes me about many people I meet on the internet is, they are so willing to believe the hype of a companies website and will not take the time to read their policies and procedures. This is very important for the success of any business opportunity that you are thinking about joining. If you don't understand the language that is in them, then I have the solution for you.

You see that book located to your right, click on it and get my FREE e-book about network marketing. What's in it?   

 The Truth!     The Truth!     The Truth!     The Truth!     The Truth!     The Truth!     The Truth!

You need accurate information, skills and training to put yourself in the best possible position for success. I can help you by giving you what you need to have residual income and retire with peace and happiness forever. There is no charge for learning the skills and training you must have. It is 100% FREE.

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

Residual Income - For The Love Of Money

Just how far will people go to make money online?

A very long way especially if they have a strong desire to do so. As a MLM Mentor, I can only relate what I have seen people promoting on the internet. With all the scams that's out now, and with the economy the way it is people are searching for ways to make extra money. Most people turn to the internet and what do they find "Scams and Hype." 

It's the lure of easy money that entraps people, the people who are perpetrating these scams toys with people's emotional state of mind and convince them with all the hype that their business opportunity can make them thousands of dollars in no time flat.

This is not the case at all, it takes time to make money online. YOU can't make $10,000 in 30 or 60 days. These scams on the internet are so elaborate that people believe in them, and decide to get involved not realizing that this will lead them down the wrong path. This is not the path to success, and in a few months they soon find out and have moved on to the next so called business that they find.

I have a little story I would like to share with you about how people get caught up so deep into the hype of these programs, and then they believe the lies so they are actually setting themselves up for failure by making plans to have residual income and the worst part is they get their friends involved in what they are doing and they don't know that it's not going to work for them or their friends. The only thing that could happen, they might lose the respect of their friends and maybe their friendship as well especially if they lost their money. 

 This is a story that is clearly an example of what happens when you don't possess the skills to find the right business opportunity, and the result is not good at all. In fact it could be very devastating for some people.

A man named Rick, and he is a good person, treated people right and everything. The only thing that Rick had a problem with was his paycheck each week. It wasn't enough to make ends meet. So after a long time of thinking it over and over in his mind, he finally decided that he had to do something differently. He decided that it was time to take action and make a change.

This was a very big decision for  him to make, he decided to set out searching on the internet. He believed and figured that he could find a good business opportunity that would finally get him ahead in the game. He looked and looked and finally he came across something that appeared to be what he was looking for.  After carefully going over all the information on the website he decided to move forward and invest his money ( which was $50 to get started). He signed up and the one thing he didn't realize was that he needed skills and training to know how to evaluate a business opportunity. He tried reading his policies and procedures and had a hard time understanding the jargon they were using, so he decided to trust what he saw on their website without reading the policies and procedures all the way through. By not reading all of the P&P's completely he didn't know if the company has integrity or how will the company help him to grow his  business. This is very important to know before you join. 

Rick didn't realize that he would have to pay $50 every month, and he didn't evaluate his compensation plan to determine the amount of money he desired to make in his business every week. Also anything that he did must be duplicable for others who would join him. All the company told him to do was drive traffic to the website and advertise everyday.

Rick proceeded to work very hard at getting people to the website. He told everyone about his new business opportunity. He did pretty good at marketing and talking with people. He had a lot of friends that were interested in making money online. In one week Rick had managed to get 5 people to join and he tried to calculate his weekly check and couldn't really understand the percentages, he thought it would be a great amount based on what he had done so far and the one thing he didn't realize is that he would not get any of it yet. After checking his business account and seeing what was there, he made a call to the company and Rick learned that he would have to wait until he reached a minimum amount before he can get access to it.

What happened to Rick? I will share with you in the finale of Residual Income - For the love of money

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Backlinks - Do It Natural Or Don't Do It At All

Yes that's what I said. Here's the reason I say you should do it naturally, because if you don't it will cost you big time in the search engines. YOU can't fool Google or any of the other search engines when you attempt to do it quick and instant. It's best to do it natural and this will assure you of getting indexed and ranked because your content will be favorably recognized by the search engines. You will get FREE targeted traffic and be a success on the internet. NOONE WANTS TO LOSE THEIR STATUS IN THE SEARCH ENGINES BECAUSE OF INSTANT OR FAST BACKLINKS, THEY WON'T LAST. Besides you will lose out in the end.

Google is top dog and you surely don't want to make them penalize your blog by getting backlinks that look unnatural.

I will be sharing with you several ways that will assure you of getting natural backlinks so that you will get indexed and ranked by the search engines.

Let's get started:

The secret to getting backlinks is real easy when you use social bookmarking sites. When you submit your content to such sites as Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon or Delicious and many others. These sites are recognized as authority sites that Google and other search engines look for content that people have submitted. I will share with you a site that will allow you to get your sites bookmarked so you can get those much needed natural backlinks. Check the link below and use the free tool I am using.

Social Bookmarking Tool

Now I invite you to check out the link below and YOU will get blog syndication, one way backlinks for SEO indexing and ranking in the search engines. Be sure and read every word on the page, this has been working fantastic for me. It can work for you as well, and you will get targeted traffic worldwide for FREE.

Traffic Syndication and SEO

I'm not done yet, because I must tell you about my Facebook group called "Post Your Blogs and Articles here for SEO." This one is my main baby and when you join the group, YOU will get a lot of exposure and real people will be seeing your blogs or articles. This group is very active and this means a lot of people are seeing your information that you have written. People in the group will read, share, and like your content. This in turn sends a signal to the search engines and this will help you with getting indexed and ranked in the search engines as well. I have been told by many members that they are on the first page on Google and it is all because of the group. It works and will benefit you greatly. Click the link below and join now.

Blog Syndication

I've saved the best for last, and when you have finished reading my review about it at the link below, then you will know every thing that I am doing to get traffic, syndication and SEO. I look forward to meeting you on Facebook, Twitter, and IBOtoolbox.

IBOtoolbox Review by Terri Pattio - One Way Backlinks and SEO Link Building

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

Friday, February 24, 2012

MLM Training - Product Movement Is The Lifeblood Of ANY Business

Yes this is a fact. On yesterday I asked this question to a group of people "What is the Lifeblood of ANY business?"

Answer: Product movement is the lifeblood of ANY business. If you are moving product to the end consumer then you are making sales, which means you are making money. If this is not happening in your business then you are not a happy camper. It's very simple,


I was getting all kinds of answers, and they were great answers but it was not the correct answer. Eventually someone did say the correct answer. The point of the question was to educate and to initiate an interaction with this group of people. In business, if you're not having relationships with people then it's safe to assume that you are selling to them with no intent of even having a relationship at all. This will not give you residual income that will allow you to retire one day. Network marketing is not a sales business, it's a relationship business!

YOU can click here and see the question that I asked and view the answers I got.

When YOU are done, I recommend that you read:

What Network Marketers Can Learn From The Walmart Business Model

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart

Friday, February 10, 2012

Business Mentoring - Be COACHABLE, LISTEN and LEARN From Your Mentor

Words to live by, and this is what will make YOU a success in life and business.


This is the reward of you being COACHABLE and getting the skills and training for a prosperous business.

Of course it is your goal to have residual income and it will not happen until YOU get yourself a MENTOR and be a world class follower. It goes without saying that your mentor must have a proven track record for success in network marketing.

So many of these so called gurus will mislead you by telling you how much money they have made, but what they don't tell you is how they made it. Here's the point I want to share with you about this, some of them have never built a downline in network marketing, and some of them are so bold that they will tell you this and then proceed to tell you that when you sign up they will share with you the secret of their success.

In reality they want you to sign up and get their CD and then they offer their training course which you have to pay for. This is how they make their money, and you may learn a little something from them. But trust me, you can find there information all over the internet. YOU have to be careful where you are getting your information from, make sure that it's worth your money and time.

This is why I say that your mentor MUST have a proven track record of success. Do your homework and check the person out first. This is your future and YOU surely want things to be right. YOU can check me out by doing a Google search on my name (Terri Pattio) I recommend it.

I will help you no matter what business you are in, and I will not charge you any money for doing it either.

I believe in the network marketing industry and I know it is the right way to go when your desire is to have a home based business, and this is why I'm giving back to this industry to help everyone I can to make their dreams a reality, and YOU will be able to leave the day job, and make residual income in your home business, and have a peaceful life and financial freedom.

This will happen for you, and when you have checked me out. I recommend that you bookmark this page and come back here and go to my website and read my story.

FREE Business Mentoring

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Millionaire Mind Vs. A Positive Mind: Which Would YOU Prefer?

Well it's obvious that most people would say "a millionaire mind" believing that it means they will be rich and have a lot of money. Is this really so?

Is that really what you want?

I believe that having a positive mind is much better.

Let's examine this more closely because their is a vast difference between the two, and they both can be had.

I know what you are thinking, how can that be? It really is easy to have both, and there is a process, to having such a mindset.

NOTE: I hate to be a bearer with the bad news, and it's really sad to say this, but many people will go through life and not have either one.

Why do I say that?

It's the truth, and I will tell you why this is so.


Where did it start? Our parents! Yes it's unfortunate and they didn't mean to do this to YOU because it's all they knew. It's a never ending cycle that just keeps getting passed on from generation to generation.

So how do you get a positive mind and a millionaire mind?

YOU have to get one before you can have the other. Now which one should YOU get first? Nope it's not the one you are thinking, as I said earlier a positive mind is the one that will get things rolling for you.

It all starts with getting rid of the negativity that's inside of your mind. Having a strong desire to give yourself 30 days is what will do it. Without a strong desire in your mind it will be a long road to having the correct mindset that will give you financial freedom and residual income.

Thanks be to God I can help you to get on the right path to a successful life and business.

All that you must do is, give yourself thirty days and do it. Take action and get rid of the negativity that surrounds you, and ALL of the bad programming that's locked up in your subconscious mind.

Yes that's where it's at (in your subconscious mind), and clearing it all out will certainly make you get the much needed clarity, and then YOU can focus on having A MILLIONAIRE MIND!

I recommend you to TAKE ACTION NOW, look at the video below. Just give yourself 30 days and I will guarantee your success when you do this.

Own Your Life with a 30 day mental cleanse.

FREE MLM training and Business Mentoring

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

Friday, January 27, 2012

MLM Success - Drive, Determination, Dedication And Passion!

Let me begin by saying this to you, if your only reason for being in network marketing is to make money then I will have to say that your chance of long term success and having residual income is slim and none.

The reason why I say this, is because of you having a money agenda.

Having a money agenda will not attract people to you, in fact it will do just the opposite. They will feel and know that is the only reason you want them in your business. They will know that you don't care about them at all. So that right there will kill it for you.


It's sad but true, many people do not realize this. This is where they lose out, and this is one reason why people fail miserably, get frustrated and end of quitting their business.

That's where your burning desire comes in, because it is a requirement for you to be determined to succeed and YOU won't quit and in turn this will drive you take action every day. This is the slight edge in action, and it calls for persistent daily action.

Now comes dedication and this plays a big part when your drive, determination and burning desire are in place. This is a major obstacle for some because so many people have a lack mentality and what this means is, they are working on a job that is not going to allow them to retire and have financial freedom. In addition they can't meet all their monthly obligations. YOU got to realize that the economy is on a downward spiral and it's a fact that things don't look great right now.

So people are turning to the internet and looking for ways to make money online, and here's where it gets all messed up. They don't have the skills and training to know if a business opportunity is a scam or not. So they end up getting into the wrong business, and then they wind up not making any money, and then they meet someone that tells them they have to join another business so that way they will have multiple streams of income. What a bunch of BS.
I wrote a post about this one, you can check out the link below on why this is not a good thing.

Residual Income - Not Multiple Streams Of Outgo (Income)

Now one more thing that must be in place is to be passionate about what you are doing. Your passion must be, first and foremost to help people and the only way to do that is by getting rid of All the negativity that surrounds you so that you can get clarity, and by doing this you will be able to FOCUS and concentrate your efforts on building a relationship first and getting to know people, so YOU will know what they need. This is so very important and I see so many people making a huge mistake because they have a money agenda, and they are just spinning their wheels and this much I know just as sure as my name is Terri Pattio. They will be starting all over again in a new business and this is where the problem will arise because now they have no credibility. There reputation and trust is gone and they will continue on in this cycle until they finally get it. Now they are ready to ask for help. Here's a big tip that I will share with you.

Network marketing is a relationship business, not a sales business!

Say that over and over, again and again, let it sink in.

There is help for you and I highly recommend that you check out my video at the link below. This is THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN NETWORK MARKETING!

VIDEO: Is Your Life Worth 30 Days? and when you have finished looking at the video then you should definitely take the next step which is to get my FREE e-book. This is must and a requirement for you to change your destiny so that you will have residual income and financial freedom.

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

Thursday, January 19, 2012

MLM Tip - Focus On The Reward Not The Process!

When you have made your decision that you want to start a home business.

YOU must FOCUS ON THE REWARD, because focusing on the process will involve you getting educated first. Many people do not have the skills and training needed to choose a business opportunity that will put them in the best possible position for success.

This is a true statement I am making because you are not taught how to start your own home business. Everyone has been told to go to school, then college and get a good job. You see what I mean, it's all wrong.

Everybody gets this programming from their parents, and it get passed along from generation to generation. What ends up happening, people wind up in all sorts of debt because that J.O.B. is not enough money to pay all their bills they have accumulated. Most often people get laid off or end up doing a job that they don't like and want out of it because it will not allow you to retire and have residual income

So they end up getting on the internet and looking at someone's hyped up website, then they join some scam and usually it doesn't work out like they thought. Now they have lost more money.

Who wants to go through all of this, just do it right from the start.


This is the process, the beginning of YOU making money online, you cannot eliminate this step. Don't put the cart before the horse. I know you have probably heard this saying, and if you haven't then you know about it now.

Anything you do in life is a process, you need a key to start your car, without that key you can't go anywhere.

Without education about network marketing, the same thing applies here.


The key to your success in network marketing is at the link below:

Business Mentoring and FREE MLM Training

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Successful Business And Happy Marriage - When Your Spouse Doesn't Believe In Network Marketing (Part 1)

This post is dedicated to all the married people out there, and this is going to be a wake up call to action.

There are many married couples that are going through this right now, and they are wondering what to do about it. This is what happens when one spouse wants to pursue network marketing and the other says NO. It's a waste of time and money, and the kicker is the majority of spouses out there just don't understand how network marketing works. It's usually a one-sided deal, because while the other spouse is trying to explain it to them they are not open minded enough to want to understand it. It's just them being pig headed and wanting their way and not willing to compromise. On many occasions they may be justified in thinking this way, perhaps at one time they were open to it and it didn't work out, so they have come to the conclusion that since it didn't work the last time it won't now. That's okay for them to feel that way, they have a right to have their feelings.

But on the other hand, does that mean you just give up because it didn't work out the first, second or even the third time. If your spouse is willing to look at it in a positive way, experience is the best teacher and as you learn, grow and gain knowledge, YOU gain insight as to what to do to make it work. But if your better half is not willing to go through it again because they have been let down and in a sense they may have lost a little confidence in you, thinking that it can't be done and just don't want to risk losing anymore money. That's understandable and this is where compromise is needed, and sitting down and coming to some kind of agreement will make a major difference.

A point to think about here, life is a risk everyday. We take a risk at night because we don't know if we will wake up in the morning. Hmmmm how's that for heavy duty thinking.
It is what it is...LIFE!

Back to what I saying earlier, this is where the problem might arise. It's when the two of you have sat down, expressed your opinions and concerns to each other. But no agreement has been made on what to do, so the spouse that wants to do network marketing, pursues it anyway without an agreement. This is not going to set well with their spouse, and they will be negative about it, and this will cause problems in the marriage. There are endless possibilities of the things that can happen because of this decision you made to pursue your dreams to make a better life for you and your family.

You have a goal of having residual income and not being in a J.O.B. the rest of your life. YOU know that it can be done, but the problem is your spouse doesn't understand how it will when it didn't before. So YOU set out to prove it to them and you begin your pursuit of peace and happiness by having your own home business without your spouse backing you.

What happens doing this time while you are in pursuit to show your spouse that you can do network marketing and be a success at it?

In one word, now you have lost FOCUS!

Your goal has changed because now you have it in your mind that you got to prove something to your better half.

Mainly it's your ego saying, I CAN DO THIS AND THEY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! So now instead of you pursuing your dream it's about showing your spouse that you can be successful.


Now in part two I will be talking about how to change this scenario all around and make it work for you and have your partner behind you 100 percent, because this is the only way it will work.

So you will have to return here to catch the finale to this post on tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you back here and remember to always "Learn in the now."

Mentor with a servant's heart

Thursday, January 5, 2012

(Unexpected) Residual Income - Have You Received It Yet In Your Network Marketing Business?

Do YOU know what I'm talking about?

I bet you don't have a clue.

Well I am about to explain it to you. This is my belief, it's an opportunity that is presented to you by God. So many times people do not see this opportunity the way that God intended and they end up not taking advantage of their opportunity to receive their residual income.

When you get this opportunity, if you are not tuned in spiritually to God, it is more likely you will not know it. That is how you will miss it, and this is what I mean when I say Unexpected residual income.

Your focus should be on expecting to receive what it is you desire. Your thoughts should be positive, and you should be so tuned into your subconscious mind that it will take action on every thought that you send to it.

Now I know that you might not understand how the subconscious mind works and how it can make your every thought that you think happen.

I'm sure you know and probably have read "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

The title says it all. THINK, THINK, THINK AND GROW RICH!

Your positive thoughts is what will get you what you want and desire. Negative thoughts will give you pain and unhappiness as long as you continue to keep letting those negative thoughts into your mind. This is how it works and you might as well face reality and just learn how to get focused so that you will keep injecting those positive thoughts into your mind, and remove the everyday chatter from your mind forever.


Take a look at the video below and join me on the 30 day mental cleanse!

Be sure and get my FREE Network Marketing manual.

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Learn in the now"

Monday, January 2, 2012

Business Mentoring - Learn IN The Now!

Anyone that is reading this post on this second day of 2012, I can promise YOU that this is what you need for a successful home business.

What I am about to share with you will GUARANTEE you of a prosperous home business.

Get rid of old school thinking, and LEARN IN THE NOW!

Stop cold calling people!

Stop pitching your business on everyone you see!

Stop talking to your friends and family about your business opportunity!

All YOU must do is BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, get the skills and training you need for success, and this is what will grow your business.

This is for sure and ALL YOU MUST DO is get to know people and have a genuine concern and take time to find out if there is a problem that they need help with, then you help them.

Just taking the time to do this, will greatly increase your chance for success. This is what works and I will help you for FREE!

Learning this one skill will make you have residual income. That's what you want? Of course it is. That is what I will give to you and I recommend that you LEARN IN THE NOW!

Make sure you 'LIKE' my Facebook Page to have access to my latest information and updates.

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