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Monday, June 15, 2015

Ronald Schlauch | Press Release: Success – How Badly Do You Want It?

Today I am happy to share an inspiring and motivational post by my friend Ronald Schlauch. This is a special day for Ronald today, he is the featured member on IBOtoolbox. What this means is, he is getting a lot of exposure and traffic for his business.  I recommend you view his business profile by clicking the highligted link above.
“Know what you want – and get it”

– Sushmita Sen, Miss.Universe, 1994
‘Take what you want, and pay for it’ says God

– Old Spanish proverb

The Secret Of Success

I’m going to tell you a little story.
It’s about a man who wanted to know the secret of success, and decided to find out from a Guru.

Now this was a wise, old sage who knew every secret of Life. He lived in
splendid isolation on a mountain-top. Our hero set out on his difficult
journey to meet this wise man.

He was determined to reach the top, and so he got over many obstacles on
his way. Fighting through thick forests, scaling huge boulders, escaping
from wild beasts, at last he clambered to the peak and lay on the
ground, gasping for breath.

A few minutes later, he sat up… and beheld the Guru seated in deep meditation.
Silently, he waited. Almost an hour later, the Guru opened his eyes and glanced at the man. He raised an inquiring eyebrow.
The man stammered, “Oh wise and all-knowing seer, I come to you in search of the secret of success.”

The Guru didn’t reply. He simply stood up and started walking down the hill.

The man followed. He found it difficult to keep pace with the old man, who
seemed to skip from one rock to the other like a mountain-goat. They
walked steadily for another hour, and he wondered if they were going
back to the foothills.

Suddenly, they came upon a clearing. In the middle was a clear lake. The waters
were still, glinting softly in the rays of a setting sun.
The Guru walked up to the edge of the lake and beckoned the man closer. With a gesture, he asked him to kneel down.

Unquestioningly, the man did as the Guru ordered.

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Ronald Schlauch | Press Release: Success – How Badly Do You Want It?

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