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Friday, September 26, 2014

MLM Training - What Should You Say If They "Don't Have The Money"

As you talk with people about your business, sooner or later a response you are going to hear is "I don't have the money".

Don't try to justify yourself  and manipulate the other person with comments like "well it's not much when you compare it with..." you're setting yourself up for rejection and failure.

Do yourself and everyone else a big favor and don't make that mistake.

I recommend you continue reading the post by Michael Oliver and discover how to address this concern so that everyone wins and you continue building your business with effortless ease.

A common response many Distributors get from the people they speak with is, “I don’t have the money”.
The standard network marketing reply that most Distributors are taught goes something like this…
“I know how you feel. Many people I first spoke with felt the same way and what they found when they started, was that it was the best thing they did….”

Or they justify it with…

“Well it’s not really much money when you compare it with starting a franchise, yadda, yadda, yadda…!”
If you use these, or any other techniques designed to justify or manipulate the other person to say or do something… I suggest you do yourself, your potential partner, and the industry a big favour… STOP! Unless of course you’re only interested in using hit or miss strategies and attracting at best about 1% of the people you talk with and upsetting the rest!

So what to do?

Well how about allowing me to ask you… Do you know what someone means when they say they don’t have the money?

I think you may find the answer is no!

People’s words, statements and questions very rarely reflect what we think they mean. To think you know otherwise puts your potential relationship severely in jeopardy.

So instead of guessing, why not ask?

Continue reading at the link below:

I don't have the money by Michael Oliver Natural Selling Tips

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