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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Internet Network Marketing Success - Know Math Or NO Money! - Syndication Express

Written by yours truly Terri Pattio

Internet and Network Marketing - Know Math or NO Money!

Many times I see people get online and join a business 
opportunity and never, ever crunch the numbers of their 
companies pay plan. They don't have a clue as to what to 
do to begin earning the money they want. 

All they know is what the network marketing company 
has told them via the website, splash pages, their sponsor 
and what they have learned from a webinar they have attended.

You must know math and you must know how much you will 
earn for each person you bring into the business. 

When you determine the amount per person, now you can 
calculate your weekly or monthly income that you will earn 
when you sponsor someone into the business. 

Keep in mind it will be your short or long term goal. 
You must be realistic with your goal so it will be attainable for you. 

This is a mistake people make by setting their goals too high and 
when they don't reach it. 

They feel like they have failed. This is not the case, it's more likely 
they have set a long term goal. 

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Internet Network Marketing - Know Math Or NO Money! - Syndication Express

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