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Friday, September 13, 2013

Internet Marketing - Are Your Marketing Efforts Paying YOU?

If you said YES, then I'm very happy for you. Let me tell you this. The majority of people are not making residual income.

Many people just want to make a few extra dollars to supplement their income from that dead end J.O.B. which they really don't like. 

May I ask a question right here?

Why are people like this?

Answer: I will tell you this, it's because of bad programming. They have been brainwashed to get a J.O.B.
I know you are wondering who brainwashed them. I will tell you the truth.

Your parents did this to you and since you believed what they told you, you had no reason to doubt what they said. Here's the thing, they were programmed with
this bad programming as well. It just passed from generation to generation.

Now here you are, on the internet wanting to do something different and make it big in your network marketing business.

There is only one thing wrong, it's not happening like you want it to.

YOU want to earn money online and have that residual income that everyone is talking about.

Now you're wondering, what am I doing wrong?

Why am I only making a few dollars here and there?

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Terri Pattio | Press Release: Internet Marketing - Are Your Marketing Efforts Paying YOU?

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