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Friday, March 8, 2013

Facebook Newsfeed - Changes Are Coming, Here's The Scoop On What It All Means.

Yesterday, Facebook announced the biggest changes to its News Feed in its seven-year history.
How do these changes impact your Facebook content strategy? What implications will they have on your EdgeRank, and your posting schedule?

These questions will be answered in great detail in an article and a FREE e-book which I will share with you.

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Remember when they announced the new timeline, everyone thought this was not a good thing. It turned out to be okay. I believe this will be a great thing too when we take the time to learn how to make it a win win deal for all.

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That's not all folks, I have one more thing for you. Read the article I am sharing with you about
The New Facebook Newsfeed - What Users, Businesses and Developers need to know

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Dexter Roona said...

Great post loved reading it. Sent you a tweet an d G+1

Lawrence Bergfeld said...

Lets be thankful for changes that Facebook makes and lets think positive about it meaning that it is just better than previously.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Terri L. Pattio said...

Lawrence some of the changes Facebook makes are not good, in fact they are sometimes unnecessary. Thank you for commenting.