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Thursday, October 4, 2012

MLM Training - How To Make Residual Income

I will begin by letting you know that every word I am saying will be validated. In this post I will give you an explanation of why I believe that residual income is better than auto pilot income.

Before I get started, I recommend that you read my previous post titled "MLM Training - The difference between residual income and auto pilot income.

Okay I will start by saying again that auto pilot income is JUST HYPE!

Now I'm not saying that you won't make any money using these auto pilot income systems that are being promoted. It's possible that you will. Here's the catch, the product(s) owner will make a great deal more than you will. It's simple logic because they will always recommend YOU to tell others and they will pay you a commission to do it. They will give you an affiliate link and this is how it works it is what it is. It does know good for them to create a system and no one is using it but them.  This is the reason they created the system in the first place so they can get a lot of people to buy it, and they need help to promote it so this is why they give you a link and recommend that you do so because they know you want to make money and they will pay you a commission (usually 50%). What many people don't realize is, it's not residual income. Also these systems are tools and it's illegal to pay commissions on tools.

Now I will explain about residual income. What I like most about it is, you do the work one time and get paid over and over and over again. When it is done correctly, YOU will get paid every week, bi-weekly or monthly. Learning to earn residual income is a lot easier then promoting different products and services to make a fast buck, you will never be able to retire doing this. You MUST have repeat customers that buy from you every month, this is how you create your residual income.

Residual income is the only way to go, because it means financial freedom and you can retire one day.

It means that you can do all those things that a job won't let you do. You're the boss and can work your own schedule because you know that you have money coming in when you take time off  from your business. When you learn how to find a business opportunity that will compensate you fairly for your efforts, get the skills and training you need then you will be on your way to having peace and happiness in your life.


I will say this much, it is a process and when you FOCUS on the reward (which is earning your residual income) then it will be easier for you to reach your goals and make money online.


Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Live and Learn in the now"

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