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Monday, May 28, 2012

Residual Income - For The Love Of Money (Part 2)

Here's Part One of Residual Income - For The Love Of Money (Part One)

Okay back to what happened to Rick in his new business. Well he waited a week for his check to come, and he was patient and waited another week. Now he decided to call the company to find out what happened and why he didn't get his check. This is when he found out that he would not get one yet.

They told him he had to wait until he reached the minimum payout amount or he could use what he had accumulated so far as payment on his monthly subscription. Rick thought to himself, everyone who joined him would have to do the same thing too. At his recommendation they all paid $50 too, he didn't realize it was a monthly subscription. Another thing he didn't understand was the 2x5 force matrix.

He did not know what that meant, so he needed to understand just what that meant in terms of how he would get compensated for his efforts. He focused his time on learning how a 2x5 matrix works and he learned about it and knew what he needed to do. He proceeded to educate his friends and others who joined him on what they had to do.

A month and a half has passed by, everything looked good to Rick. He and his business partners are getting customers that's purchasing and the only thing that's bothering him is "why hasn't he received a check yet?"  He has been  paying his monthly subscription but the company have not paid him anything. He's believes that he must have the minimum payout and nothing has come in the mail.

What he doesn't know is, he has to request payment.

The company has been taking his monthly subscription from his account, and he has a significant amount that's sitting there and he needs the money because his daughter has become sick and he has to pay the hospital bill that was left. Money is getting a little tight and people in his team are wondering when they are going to get paid. Rick hasn't been actively marketing his business for a month because he is helping his wife with taking care of their daughter.

Another month has passed and his daughter is getting better, so now he goes to look at his account from his business and he gets a message that his account don't exist.  He immediately calls the company and they inform him that since he was inactive for over 60 days this is what happens. He asks them about the money that was in his account, they informed him that his money was gone because of him failing to keep his position active and staying qualified each month. They informed him that because of his inactivity in his business this resulted in him losing his money. You agreed to this when you signed up because it is in our policies and procedures.

Rick thought to himself "I had over $300 in that account. How can they do this?"

He told them that he would be talking with his lawyer about this. It's my money and I worked hard for it, and what about the people I got to join, what happened to them?

The company rep told him, they are still in the company and were placed under someone else.

Rick thinks "What will my team think of me? I'm no longer in the company because my daughter was sick and could not work like I wanted too. It's not fair to do this to me. It wasn't my fault my daughter got sick. Don't this person understand, why can't she help me. Why won't they pay me what's mine. I need that money now and it's gone."

Rick asks them to speak to someone with authority to make decisions about payment of his money that was in his account. The company rep informed him that it would not do any good because when he signed up, he had every opportunity to read the policies and procedures before joining. They asked him did he read them completely and  understand what he read. He answered that he only read part of it.

They said I am sorry about your daughter being sick but their is nothing we can do, it is in the policies and procedures. It's all right there and the fact remains you agreed by signing, this is perfectly legal. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Rick said no and hung up feeling real sick now. What was he going to say to his wife, daughter and all the people that he got in. That night he couldn't sleep because of all that he had just learned. So he got up and went to read those policies and procedures. He found out everything was true and learned a whole lot more after reading them completely.

The lesson to this story is, always read your policies and procedures before joining any affiliate or network marketing program. It is your contract with the company and it is a legal and binding agreement, you will know if they have integrity and learn about the company's management experience.

What really amazes me about many people I meet on the internet is, they are so willing to believe the hype of a companies website and will not take the time to read their policies and procedures. This is very important for the success of any business opportunity that you are thinking about joining. If you don't understand the language that is in them, then I have the solution for you.

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Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"

Residual Income - For The Love Of Money

Just how far will people go to make money online?

A very long way especially if they have a strong desire to do so. As a MLM Mentor, I can only relate what I have seen people promoting on the internet. With all the scams that's out now, and with the economy the way it is people are searching for ways to make extra money. Most people turn to the internet and what do they find "Scams and Hype." 

It's the lure of easy money that entraps people, the people who are perpetrating these scams toys with people's emotional state of mind and convince them with all the hype that their business opportunity can make them thousands of dollars in no time flat.

This is not the case at all, it takes time to make money online. YOU can't make $10,000 in 30 or 60 days. These scams on the internet are so elaborate that people believe in them, and decide to get involved not realizing that this will lead them down the wrong path. This is not the path to success, and in a few months they soon find out and have moved on to the next so called business that they find.

I have a little story I would like to share with you about how people get caught up so deep into the hype of these programs, and then they believe the lies so they are actually setting themselves up for failure by making plans to have residual income and the worst part is they get their friends involved in what they are doing and they don't know that it's not going to work for them or their friends. The only thing that could happen, they might lose the respect of their friends and maybe their friendship as well especially if they lost their money. 

 This is a story that is clearly an example of what happens when you don't possess the skills to find the right business opportunity, and the result is not good at all. In fact it could be very devastating for some people.

A man named Rick, and he is a good person, treated people right and everything. The only thing that Rick had a problem with was his paycheck each week. It wasn't enough to make ends meet. So after a long time of thinking it over and over in his mind, he finally decided that he had to do something differently. He decided that it was time to take action and make a change.

This was a very big decision for  him to make, he decided to set out searching on the internet. He believed and figured that he could find a good business opportunity that would finally get him ahead in the game. He looked and looked and finally he came across something that appeared to be what he was looking for.  After carefully going over all the information on the website he decided to move forward and invest his money ( which was $50 to get started). He signed up and the one thing he didn't realize was that he needed skills and training to know how to evaluate a business opportunity. He tried reading his policies and procedures and had a hard time understanding the jargon they were using, so he decided to trust what he saw on their website without reading the policies and procedures all the way through. By not reading all of the P&P's completely he didn't know if the company has integrity or how will the company help him to grow his  business. This is very important to know before you join. 

Rick didn't realize that he would have to pay $50 every month, and he didn't evaluate his compensation plan to determine the amount of money he desired to make in his business every week. Also anything that he did must be duplicable for others who would join him. All the company told him to do was drive traffic to the website and advertise everyday.

Rick proceeded to work very hard at getting people to the website. He told everyone about his new business opportunity. He did pretty good at marketing and talking with people. He had a lot of friends that were interested in making money online. In one week Rick had managed to get 5 people to join and he tried to calculate his weekly check and couldn't really understand the percentages, he thought it would be a great amount based on what he had done so far and the one thing he didn't realize is that he would not get any of it yet. After checking his business account and seeing what was there, he made a call to the company and Rick learned that he would have to wait until he reached a minimum amount before he can get access to it.

What happened to Rick? I will share with you in the finale of Residual Income - For the love of money

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"