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Friday, February 24, 2012

MLM Training - Product Movement Is The Lifeblood Of ANY Business

Yes this is a fact. On yesterday I asked this question to a group of people "What is the Lifeblood of ANY business?"

Answer: Product movement is the lifeblood of ANY business. If you are moving product to the end consumer then you are making sales, which means you are making money. If this is not happening in your business then you are not a happy camper. It's very simple,


I was getting all kinds of answers, and they were great answers but it was not the correct answer. Eventually someone did say the correct answer. The point of the question was to educate and to initiate an interaction with this group of people. In business, if you're not having relationships with people then it's safe to assume that you are selling to them with no intent of even having a relationship at all. This will not give you residual income that will allow you to retire one day. Network marketing is not a sales business, it's a relationship business!

YOU can click here and see the question that I asked and view the answers I got.

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Terri Pattio
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Tim Villard said...

Excellent Post Terri! Product is definitely a lifeblood in business. I would like to add services to this wonderful blog. Like me, I work in the transportation industry, and I provide service to my people. They always expect perfect service or they will go elsewhere. Have a lovely day my friend:)