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Monday, September 5, 2011

Social Networking Websites - Who's Really Number One?

Many people might say that it's Facebook, and then there are some who will say it's Google. Truth be told, in my opinion I don't really care at all about it. They all have one thing in common, they all want you on their site. That's what it's all about. In actuality you can do what you want on anyone of them any given day. It all amounts to how you are using them, so that they will give you the desired results. Where Google and Facebook are concerned, it's all about profits. Each one wants you to get advertising with them, and in return you will get a ton of targeted leads. That's partly true, and the reason why I say this is, because being in the social networking environment involves being social. Getting to know people, and they getting to know you.

I have been using the social networking websites for about three and a half years, and the success I am having is mainly because of interaction with people. There's no way around this, you just can't post a link and think that's it. Interaction is the key and you can do this on Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites that are on the internet.

So the point is, it doesn't matter to you, who is number one. The only thing that matters is, how are you making good use of the social networking websites?

I would like to share with you a site that is not competing with Google, Facebook or Twitter. This site is working for you to get exposure for your business, and branding YOU on the internet. Also you are getting traffic from every possible place on the internet. I believe this site to be unique because it is for business owners like you and me.

While I'm writing this post for you, I am getting search engine indexing, targeted leads and traffic for FREE. Yes, that is correct and true. It's 100% free and this will never change, because we are all like-minded professional business people.

The purpose of this site is to brand your name on the internet using sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter and many other social sites. When you are on the other sites, who are you branding? Most likely it is not YOU! If you're not branding you, then your success will not happen. You got to get your name out there and be active in all the social networking websites, and you can do this at the site I will be sharing with you.

As to who's number one, it doesn't really matter. I say just as long as you are interacting with people and getting to know someone, this is what you need to be successful in your business. Relationships is KEY!

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Anna Perkins said...

Terri, You are so right on...So many people do not want to develop a relationship with you. They're all about the money....and if you don't join their network. They will give you the BOOT in the behind. I know, it has happen to me...Also,Keeping safe on the internet is very important....

Kathy Clouse said...

I read this before but didn't comment, I lurk about sometimes! I agree, social relationships, so much more than numbers. I get so busy surfing for credits, posting, reading, that I forget to stop and say hi and I care. Thanks Terri for the gentle reminder! I do care and do read your blogs, because what you have to say is important!


Terri L. Pattio said...

Yes Kathy and Anna I do care about everyone I meet online and offline. It's just my nature, and I'm glad to be that way otherwise I wouldn't have met you two or anyone else if I wasn't this way. I have always loved meeting new people. I feel if people would open up and express what they are feeling, the world would be a better place all around. The simple fact is most people are afraid to open up and it's all because of fear of saying or doing something displeasing to others. No one is perfect. But if they do say what's on their mind then it would be so much better for them. That's why I am direct and I do try to be as tactful as possible to speak in such a way as not to hurt someone's feeling.

Thank you for being my friend Anna and Kathy.

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