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Monday, September 19, 2011

MLM Compensation Plans - Find The Right One That Will Work For YOU Not Against YOU!

Here's what I want to point out to you, there are some compensation plans that will require you to sponsor, sponsor, sponsor constantly. Think about this, can YOU ever retire? NO!

There are some people that can do that and don't mind doing it. It's there personality and they love it. That's just who they are, but can anyone else do it? So how can that work for everybody and be a win-win for all. It's not.

A compensation plan like that wouldn't work for someone who wants to build their network marketing business and wants to retire one day, it's not possible. When the sponsoring stops, the income stops, you get where I'm coming from? I am really trying to drive this point home to you. It's so clear and why would anybody in there right mind want to be in this kind of pay plan where you got to keep sponsoring to get paid? Only a small few will like such a pay plan.

Now moving on to another subject I want to speak about before I conclude my post. I know that you have probably heard the phrase "Multiple Streams Of Income" and you might or might know what this really means. Let me explain it like this.

I have seen people promoting and marketing to their friends on the social sites, to join them in their new program, and why is it that I see these same people that were pushing one program one day and the next day it's another one? Does that mean they are making residual income? A resounding NO! Multiple streams of income is baloney, who came up with this nonsense. That's all it is, because all you are doing is spending more and more money. Is there any income coming in? I seriously doubt it. Think about this, when they tell you it's free to join and you will make BIG MONEY. Do YOU believe that? I hope that you are smarter than that. How can you make money if everyone is joining for free. Not logical isn't it? Exactly my point, don't fall for it. They are lying and it's likely a SCAM!

When I hear someone talk about multiple streams of income, I know that they are 1) not educated and don't know better and 2) someone has lied to them and got them in so they can make money off them. Now the person who signed them up will move on and find another sucker who will believe there lies and it's just a bad never ending cycle.

Now that person is left feeling that they can't make money online and will believe that the internet is just full of scams. Yes this is how it works. There is something you can do to stop this from happening to you, and that is to get EDUCATED so you know how to find the right network marketing company that will give you the residual income you desire.
Build it once, build it right and build a massive income that will continue to come in forever.

It's all about FREEDOM! Having the lifestyle that will bring you happiness and peace.
Now that's the true American Dream. If I have struck a chord inside of your heart and mind, then you should check the book in the sidebar and get it now. It's FREE and I recommend you get it, because this is the beginning of your having it all!

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