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Friday, August 7, 2015

MLM Training - Walmart vs. Amazon Prime Day July 15. There is a lesson to be learned here.

MLM Training - Walmart vs. Amazon Prime Day July 15: There is a lesson to be learned here.

The information I want to share with you will benefit your business and help you earn an income and grow your business as well.

We all know that Walmart and Amazon are BIG companies. What's really happening with these companies is just business. It's all about competition and sales. That's it plain and simple.

As for Amazon Prime Day on July 15, they want people to sign up for their prime membership (which costs $99 per year) and in return they will get free shipping with a purchase of course. The whole idea behind the Prime membership is to force people purchase every month from them.

Let's do some calculations: $99 x 1,000 people that sign up for Prime membership. This means Amazon made $99,000. Now recognize that Amazon already offers free shipping products they sell (purchase must be over $35). Now assuming there are no hoops to jump through on their Prime membership, this may be good however I do believe this is purely to get more people to shop more at Amazon (weekly or monthly). People will say I have paid for it, I might as well order from them, not realizing this is exactly what Amazon wants them to do.

Now Walmart comes along, they want to take it a step further by offering the same kind of deal without having to sign up for a membership. They want more online sales as well with kind of twist to it. You can read the entire article at the link below:

Walmart vs. Amazon Prime Day

We all know about Sam's, Club, they charge their customers a membership fee that allows members/customers to buy products in bulk at discount prices? Who is it that owns Sam's Club? Walmart! Hmmm just something to think about.

The lesson here is that it's a simple business strategy that any business owner can plan to do and make money doing it. I'm sure on July 15, 2015, both of these business giants made some big time money online from the publicity by news media and all the promotion and advertising by Amazon and Walmart.

It was someone's idea and they took action and made it happen. The result from an idea was absolutely without a doubt a success for both Amazon and Walmart online.

All Walmart did was take advantage of an opportunity to get a piece of the action that Amazon called "Prime Day"  which started from an idea. Walmart wanted to boost their online sales by using Amazon's Prime Day to help them.

My question to you is: Have you had an idea that may have resulted in big income for your business?

If you answered YES, did you take action and do it?

If you took action and made a profit in your business. Good for you and always remember, an idea can only live when you take the appropriate action to keep it alive. An idea cannot live if no action is taken to nourish it to make it grow.

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