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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

MLM Training - The Worst Words To Hear In Network Marketing

The worst words to hear in network marketing are:


Over 90% of the companies that get started, don't make it 2 years. And most of the rest are gone after 5 years.

Your chances aren't much worse playing the lottery.

It's important to choose a company that has proven it will be around long-term. Pre-launch deals don't qualify. Only a very small percentage of them will last even 2 years.

Your benchmark should be at least 2 years. It takes that long to knock the cobwebs out of it. It takes 2 years to get their ducks in a row, to get their campaigns together, to get everything approved in different countries, to get warehouses built, and all that stuff.

They've already survived a lot of the normal growing pains. They have much better long-term prospects than any "pre-launch". Make them prove themselves by being around 2 years before you commit your time & money to that business.

I am being straight forward and totally honest with you.

When you hear those words "Ground floor opportunity" then take time to think about what it really means.

It means the company is NEW.  They haven't made any money yet. Noone has made any money yet. Here you join this company and telling people to sign up to lock in their position.

Bling! Bling! Lock in your position to what?

People this is hype and the worst kind because they are building up your hopes and your efforts of promoting will be wasted. Your reputation is at risk because you are promoting a business opportunity that is based on hype. You haven't earned any money and so everyone is lying that is promoting this program.

What a waste of time. Over 90% of the companies don't make 2 years. Are you getting this inside your brain.

The only way you can find a good business is to get the skills and training needed to succeed online. People are so in a hurry to earn money online, they skip the step of education and training. They end up feeling like a failure and frustrated with online marketing.  They believe that network marketing is a scam. It's not!

YOU can earn residual income when you get Free MLM Training and Home Business Mentoring and get educated first.

I am offering you that right now.

You don't have to pay any money. I am doing it for free. I have helped many people online and offline by giving them the skills and training they need to succeed. You MUST NOT skip this step.

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Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart


Stephen Maloney said...

You definitely need to start with a company with sustainability to have a chance at success. No get rich quick or pyramid schemes. If there is still doubt you can also check out for the rating. You could actually "fire your boss" with the right guidance and work ethic. But you must be willing to take a chance on yourself. Always remember, it's not about how much a system costs, but, what will my investment bring.

Stephen M.

Susan said...

This post is wonderful I hope with all my heart that people will listen to you.

So, many times people think that if a company has been around a long time that it's saturated...

If they would look at the Wal-Marts and McDonalds of the world they would see when it's a good business it doesn't get saturated it only gets bigger and better.

Thank you so much for your insight.


Terri L. Pattio said...

Thank you Stephen for your input on my post today. I really want to help people be successful and the ones who have a burning desire will take massive action. Persistence is one of the keys to success and I really love what you said "it's not about how much a system costs, but what will my investment bring." Have a successful day Stephen.

I do hope they listen too Susan and thank you for reading and commenting on my post today.

Don Sabelhaus said...

A great informative read Terri, when you put forth your time and money on a new venture it's like gambling with the same odds as a lottery ticket. It's best to stick with a proven company.

Merle Gibbins said...

This is a great post with excellent advice. You need to know a company is secure before jumping in feet first. Have shared and hope many people read and take notice of this advice.

Annemarie Berukoff said...

Excellent blog, Terri, with education that people sorely need to stop being victimized and, worse yet, in turn, victimizing their friends, prospects. and breaking relationships, not building. No wonder this industry is so badly bruised publicly and shunned. You and I are on the same wave length of education and mentorship and every new effort helps everyone, I hope. Continue your good work and success.

LonnieG said...

Thank you, Terri, for the wisdom you have shared in this article.

Many of us have experienced what you have described, especially with "pre-launch" programs.

The only caveat I would offer is that most things must have a beginning in order to progress to the place of qualifying for your criteria ... so, it can sometimes be helpful to look at the experience of the people involved in a "start up".

I actually fundamentally agree with what you advise; just allow for the "exception to the rule" so that what truly is the "next big thing" will at least get the consideration it deserves at the earliest stage of its development that also is compatible with any individual's tolerance for risk.

Usually positioning just ahead of a company entering into its "momentum" stage of development and growth is a good balance for most folks.

All the best to you and everyone that takes the time to read what you have shared in this article.


Terri L. Pattio said...

Yes Lonnie it is a must to check out the management team of the company. Doing a Google search of their name with quotation marks, and they will see everything this person has been doing on the internet. Taking it a step further, if you want to know if there is anything negative being said about them; you need to type their name into Google and put scam in parenthesis after their name. Lonnie I thank you for your input on my post today. Make it a successful day.

Carolyn Coleman-Grady said...

Excellent article. Giving the real truth. I agree do your home work. Learn all you can. Great points I sure learned too.


Hi Terri,
This is an offer no one who is struggling in this field should ignore. Folks, evaluate what Terri is offering you. This is a "no brainer." Education is the key.

fouzibach bachfou said...

Hi, Terri.
I never forget my first time I start online. I have no experience or knowledge even what MLM mean. I close my eyes and join my first MLM opportunity. I do not know where and how I am going to earn money because I spend money in that opportunity.
With no training and skills on MLM you will loose money.
Please. please if you are new online and you come cross or read Terri Pattio do not wast your time you will not going to figure it out by yourself. Profit from what Terri she is offrering you, and you will thank me later. But you Terri thank you so much for this post by offring free training to people whom have no ideas about MLM. God bless you and he will never let you down.

Timothy Eller said...

Great post Terri!The one I see a lot is do it yourself.

Julie Klein said...

This PR is so "on target!" Why people think there is an advantage to being "on the ground floor," I will never understand. With an established company, everyone has the same opportunity for success. There are no guarantees with new or established businesses, but there is a far better possibility of success with a proven one that has been around a while.

Dennis Thorgesen said...

Most of the "ground floor opportunities" make money from people who are looking for instant success. The reality is "it doesn't happen." We made the mistake of setting up a few startups which didn't make it a year. Now we check out the financial well being of the person we are working with. If they don't have the funds to run we advise them not to start a business. Some have anyway.