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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MLM Training - Find Somebody Who Already Has The Dream

When you target people who don't know anything about MLM, you'll spend all your time trying to build them a dream, trying to convince them, trying to get them to believe the way you believe.

It's kind of like religion. Let's say you're a Baptist and I'm a Catholic, and you want to convert me. Well, good luck! Why try to convert somebody? Just go find somebody who's already in your religion, and talk to those people.

Otherwise, you'll spend all your time trying to motivate somebody, trying to get them to have a dream ... rather than building your business. When you work with people who don't already understand MLM, there's a good chance they'll head down the road the wrong way. Often they've heard bad things, and that's all they'll focus on.

And so you spend ALL your time trying to change that person's mind. It's a waste of time.

What you need to do is find somebody who already has the dream. Your life will go a lot easier.

This is simple enough and if you choose to do it the hard way, then you might as well get out of your network marketing company now and save yourself a lot of heartache. You will NOT succeed if you target people who don't know about MLM.

Network marketing is a relationship business, NOT a sales business. When you take the time to LISTEN, and ask the right questions. You will be able to determine if  the person is qualified to be your business partner.  You will know immediately if this is a potential prospect for your business. Please don't waste time targeting the wrong people for your business. Apply what I am sharing with you today.

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Here's to your success,

Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
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fouzibach bachfou said...

Hi, Terri. The best advice for MLM I ever read. The time is money and we should not spend our time with people have no ideas what MLM mean.

Mark Hopkins said...

I would like to know what are the right questions to ask someone in order to see if they are the right fit for your MLM business?

Terri Pattio said...

Mark the only way you will know if a person is the right fit for your business is by getting to know them first. When the time is right, they will ask you for information about your business. You give them the answers to their questions so they can will be able to make a decision to join you business. There is no right questions, the guru will tell you there is. Hope this helps you, feel free to comment back if you have more questions.