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Saturday, June 21, 2014

MLM Training - Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Who's Next?

Hello and welcome to my blog site. Today you will learn how to build your internet or network marketing business the right way. If you expect success in your business then my advice to you is to LISTEN to what I am saying to you.

The most important thing  you can do for your business is to connect with people and get to know them. Relationships is the key to success in business (online and offline).

Folks you must get this inside your mind. If you don't establish a connection with people you come in contact with and listen when they speak to you. You might end up wasting a lot of time on people that are not interested and they will not buy from you or join you in your business.

This is why I say, "Some will, some won't, so what, who's next? "

You want to spend your time on people who get it. The people who are negative and spend their time complaining don't have the desire to change.  Get away from those people quickly because misery loves company and they will take away your power if you continue to listen to them complain. Therefore it is very important that you LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN when you are talking with people,
so you will know if you want to pursue a relationship with them.  The phrase above I shared with you is one to keep in your mind at all times.

It's a true statement because some people are born quitters, they will quit on themselves at the first obstacle they come up against. This is who they are and most likely will never change and this is why you must identify these people and don't waste your time on them because they will quit on themselves and that's the bottom line.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win" 

The winners you will know because they will express there desire to:

1. Make a change in their life.

2. Earn more money.

3. Retire one day and have financial freedom.

4. Quit working on the J.O.B.

5. They will show an interest by communicating and listening to what you are saying.

This is why I say if you want people to listen to what you have to say, it begins with you. Since you have the solution to their problem, it is vital that you listen to make sure you have an interested prospect that wants to get to know you. When you take the time to work on your relationship with them, the time will come when they will ask you how you are earning money in your internet or network marketing business. 

This is how you will build a huge team and earn residual income and have financial freedom plus you will be able to retire one day.

This is the world of  business whether it be online or offline (network marketing or a traditional business). This is how it works and when you follow the advice I have shared with you above, your business will soar and your income will increase too. Residual income is what you want. This is how you will be able to retire one day by working together with your team of like-minded, positive friends that will be with you forever.  It's all because you took the time to get to know them first and understand their wants, needs and desires.

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Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart

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