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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MLM Training - Experience Is The BEST Teacher!

When I first got started in network marketing a long time ago (late 70's), uh oh I'm telling my age. I don't care because experience is the best teacher. I was
a rookie with no education, skills and training about the industry of network marketing.

I was failing miserably, trying to sell everything under the sun. I didn't realize that my failure was all due to being uneducated and no skills in this industry. I found out that it was not my fault, because they don't teach you how to build a business in school or college.

They tell you to get a good JOB and collect a check every week or two and work until retirement age.


It will lead you to working the rest of the your life for someone else. YOU are building their business, and not your OWN!

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Terri Pattio | Press Release: MLM Training - Experience Is The BEST Teacher!

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