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Sunday, April 14, 2013

MLM Training - If your #1 network marketing product is not remarkable, you are invisible.

You need a product people will buy even with no compensation plan. Otherwise, it will take way too much work for anyone to build your business.

I get calls from people who tell me they're searching for a product that truly inspires them. And that is exactly the wrong way to set yourself up for a long-term successful network marketing business.
Instead, search to find a mob of people raving about a product‚ THEN
Fall in Love With THAT Product!

Be a passionate advocate for it. Find a product with a HUGE market and fall in love with it.

Some people love to work for companies with a product that fits their self-image ‚ but they can't make a dime on it.

Do yourself a favor. Focus on the people. Focus on the market. Use Google. Search & compare products. Find something that a ton of people are excited about. Choose a product that everyone else wants.

And then, as you build your people, let them know the wisdom of doing the same thing.
Let me give you an example.

When People Are Excited About a Product, They Run To The Marketplace!
I ask this question of people all the time:
"Do you know anybody who is a diabetic, or who has a blood-sugar disorder?" Never once has anyone told me, "No."

So my next question to them is, "Do you think that person would like to know about a product that's all natural, that costs less than $20, that has been proven to help rebuild the pancreas, and can possibly reduce or eliminate their need for insulin?"
The answer is always "Yes," and they are very excited about that.
And that person YOU know who has a blood-sugar disorder - do you think they may know 10 people who'd like the same information? THAT is the kind of excitement you can create with a hot, sizzle product that has people feelling the difference in days, not weeks or months.

Another example - do you remember Excel long distance service, non-network marketers took the product to the market. We were all paying 40 cents a minute for long distance back then. When Excel started reselling long distance, you paid 30 cents a minute. And if you had your friends & family on it, you got it for 15 cents a minute.
So non-network marketers took that product to the marketplace. They didn't care whether there was a compensation plan. It was obviously a huge improvement over the 40 cents a minute that everybody was paying.
So do yourself a favor. Find yourself a product that already has a huge market, and then fall in love with THAT product. Your business will almost build itself.

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Dolly Evans said...

Great site! I will share the information with every one around me and it is really beneficial and I believe it'll give advantage to many people nowadays.

Terri L. Pattio said...

Thank you Dolly Evans for reading and sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciate you sharing it as well.