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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MLM Training - Are These Cycler Programs For Real?

Good day to you.

I will start by saying, this is my way of giving you the facts to make a sound decision before you sign up for a cycler program.

It just makes me mad to see people lose their hard-earned money when it could have been avoided.

People need clarity and understanding of how they are getting paid and what they have to do.

With these cycler programs, what they tell you the majority of the time is that you just get 2 or 3 people in and that's it. You pay one time and make residual income too.

This is not true because if you just joined and you haven't made any money yet,  IT WILL NOT BE  BELIEVABLE.

Why? You are repeating what they told you.

Let's consider some facts:

1. You invested a small amount of money, and tell people this because you want to get people on their conference calls or webinars. Oh yes you will have to get on the calls too so they can program you on what to say to people.

2. All these cycler programs will tell you to get people on their conference calls and let them make the pitch for you (of course they won't call it that).  It is what it is. In actuality, you're building their list and doing all the work for them.

3. You have a recruiting agenda because if you don't sponsor anyone in the program, nothing will happen. This means you are not making money.

Yeah yeah I know what you are thinking. YOU have to sponsor people in any business opportunity if you want to make money online. However you must have a value priced product or service to give people value for their money. This is true, so listen to me and let's dig a little deeper on this.

What does this mean for you in these Cycler programs if you don't get the minimum number of people to join you?
Answer: 1) YOU will not make any money. 2) you will quit very fast

These Cycler systems are all the same, and don't get me wrong I have nothing against making money. Just as long as it is legitimate and a win win for all parties involved. These cycler systems are illegal because there is NO PHYSICAL PRODUCT. What are people getting for their money?

* Videos on personal development

* Apps for your cell phone

* E-books to download

These are things that you can get for free on the internet. A simple Google search will do the trick.
You can find anything in Google when you take time to look it up.

These Cycler programs are scams because they are put together for a purpose. They tell you once you reach a certain level that you will gain a re-entry point and this is how you will make the real BIG MONEY! You have to jump through hoops to get the BIG MONEY. On the real here, no one ever gets this far anyway in a cycler system. This is just their way of building their list until they find a real deal to promote to those who signed up for the Cycler program.
No dice for you.

Please, please listen to me.  If you have not sponsored anyone and you go around plastering your link all over the internet telling people about the money they can make, you're a scammer too. All you will manage to do is get yourself labeled as a spammer and that is no good for you.

 My closing thoughts:
Don't fall for these cycler programs; it's a scam. You will quit because you will not get anyone to join you. It's likely your sponsor was not honest with you because they were desperate. YOU will probably end up doing the same thing they did. This is a bad cycle for anyone to be in and no one wins except the scammers who are running this mess, but not for long because it will come out. How long and how many people must lose their money and be hurt by it?

Not many. Hopefully this post will be enlightening and make you think before you sign up for these cycler programs.

This is Terri Pattio signing out until my next post.

MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Learn and Live in the now"

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Carla Mason-Dubose said...

So glad I read this Terri!