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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

MLM Training - The Motives Of Scammers, They're Master Manipulators

 It is so sad to see so many scams being perpetrated on the internet, and what's even sadder is that these scammers go to such lengths to defraud money from people. They are masters at manipulating people by insinuating themselves into people's lives and making them believe that they care what happens to them. When in reality it is a facade and they don't even care about anyone but themselves.

Being a scammer is a sickness I believe and they will reap what they sow from a higher power.

Just like a person who gambles they can't help themselves they will place a bet on their mother if they believe they are going to win it.

Now what about these scam artists. 

What is their motive?

Well this is my opinion, they love manipulating people and it's probably a challenge to them to see how many people they can scam. Who's knows how they got this way and when it started? They're controllers and this is power to them. They call the shots and you're just a pawn in their game. Any move they make is going to benefit them, because they don't care about anyone.

What is manipulation?  It's a behavior a person may use in order to get their way.  Saying certain things or behave in a certain way to make someone give them what they want.

Now what are the motives of scam artist(s). In order to illustrate my point to you, I will give you the:

Definition Of Motives - the goal of object of a person's action. In other words there goal (or objective) will make that person act in a certain way. If deceiving you is the way to get what they want they will do it.

For instance, a scammer has a goal of doing what? Defrauding the people they come in contact with, through the use of deceptive practices.

Being deceptive is an art form for the scammer and they are masters at manipulating people. I know what you are thinking how do I know all of this?

The Education and training that I received from my mentor, plus learning the skills of how to find the right business opportunity. This is why I help people to find the right network marketing company so they will make residual income in their home business.

Network marketing is the industry that will let you do it provided you get what you need first. Don't let scam artists take your dream away from you by deceiving you into believing what they say. There deceptive practices will surely lure you away.

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Terri Pattio
MLM Coach
Mentor with a servant's heart
"Listen, Live and Learn in the now" 



Merle Gibbins said...

Great read and agree with you. It has happened to me in the past and i suppose it is that power with them to see how many will take them up on it.

Alzora Odhiambo said...

Great information Terri.