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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Marketing Automation Tools - Can Be Harmful If You Over Do It!

With technology being what it is today, new software is coming out each and everyday. Programmers write programs that will make things easier for you. This is a good thing when used in moderation, and it cannot be misused or abused.

What I want to speak about today is web automation tools. There are plenty of them on the internet these days. All a person has to do is go to Google and do a search for what they are looking for and they are sure to find it. It's nothing wrong with that, the thing that sticks in my craw the most is when someone takes automated tools and goes overboard with it by using it in the social sites, not knowing that this will take them down very fast.

For what? Just to show how smart you were. Greed and Ego. Not thinking of the consequences of your actions will hurt your reputation when all is said and done. If it's numbers you are looking at, a lot good it will do you if you're using this on social sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. These sites don't like this at all, and they have programs that will catch any abnormal activity. The point of social networking is for you to go to the site on a consistent basis, interact and get to know people. Having friends and relationships is what it's all about. If you're in business then this will work out very good for you. Let's face it, if you're using automated tools and not doing any social networking then any success you are having will be temporary.

Let's take Facebook for example this is a social site and they do expect you to log in on a regular basis. If you never log in but they see post from you that's coming from a software automation tool every 5 minutes or less then you can bet they will shut you down quick fast and in a hurry. No more Facebook account and there is plenty more that can happen to you in the search engines.

Since Facebook is a major social site, Google will get involved and this means your website ranking and indexing will probably be gone. Google will probably bury you so far in the search engines, and this means NO TRAFFIC FOR YOU!


Since Facebook terminated your account, everything will be lost and any links you had posted in Facebook will be gone. 

On Facebook when someone likes, comments or shares something you post, this sends a signal to the search engines and it allow you to get indexing and ranking too. Also since Facebook is an authority site, this tells the search engines that your website link is worth indexing and ranking in the search engines.
This is pretty much how it works on Twitter too. When someone retweets or clicks on your links in Twitter this sends a signal to the search engines. You definitely don't want these sites to terminate your accounts because of overuse of automated tools.  It's not being social and the only interaction that is going on is between computers.

Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin don't like this kind of activity going on. Using marketing automation tools must be done in a way that looks natural and it should not stop you from visiting the sites on a regular basis and interacting.

Over doing it can be harmful if you do!



Ann Moses said...

My God! This is some powerful information. Especially when you think of all your time and energy that you put in to brand yourself and business; here it will go to waste all because you are trying to beat the system. It is not worth it at ALL.

Don Sabelhaus said...

I agree with Ann 100%, it just isn't the risk of loosing your account.