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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Backlinks - Do It Natural Or Don't Do It At All

Yes that's what I said. Here's the reason I say you should do it naturally, because if you don't it will cost you big time in the search engines. YOU can't fool Google or any of the other search engines when you attempt to do it quick and instant. It's best to do it natural and this will assure you of getting indexed and ranked because your content will be favorably recognized by the search engines. You will get FREE targeted traffic and be a success on the internet. NOONE WANTS TO LOSE THEIR STATUS IN THE SEARCH ENGINES BECAUSE OF INSTANT OR FAST BACKLINKS, THEY WON'T LAST. Besides you will lose out in the end.

Google is top dog and you surely don't want to make them penalize your blog by getting backlinks that look unnatural.

I will be sharing with you several ways that will assure you of getting natural backlinks so that you will get indexed and ranked by the search engines.

Let's get started:

The secret to getting backlinks is real easy when you use social bookmarking sites. When you submit your content to such sites as Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon or Delicious and many others. These sites are recognized as authority sites that Google and other search engines look for content that people have submitted. I will share with you a site that will allow you to get your sites bookmarked so you can get those much needed natural backlinks. Check the link below and use the free tool I am using.

Social Bookmarking Tool

Now I invite you to check out the link below and YOU will get blog syndication, one way backlinks for SEO indexing and ranking in the search engines. Be sure and read every word on the page, this has been working fantastic for me. It can work for you as well, and you will get targeted traffic worldwide for FREE.

Traffic Syndication and SEO

I'm not done yet, because I must tell you about my Facebook group called "Post Your Blogs and Articles here for SEO." This one is my main baby and when you join the group, YOU will get a lot of exposure and real people will be seeing your blogs or articles. This group is very active and this means a lot of people are seeing your information that you have written. People in the group will read, share, and like your content. This in turn sends a signal to the search engines and this will help you with getting indexed and ranked in the search engines as well. I have been told by many members that they are on the first page on Google and it is all because of the group. It works and will benefit you greatly. Click the link below and join now.

Blog Syndication

I've saved the best for last, and when you have finished reading my review about it at the link below, then you will know every thing that I am doing to get traffic, syndication and SEO. I look forward to meeting you on Facebook, Twitter, and IBOtoolbox.

IBOtoolbox Review by Terri Pattio - One Way Backlinks and SEO Link Building

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