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Friday, January 27, 2012

MLM Success - Drive, Determination, Dedication And Passion!

Let me begin by saying this to you, if your only reason for being in network marketing is to make money then I will have to say that your chance of long term success and having residual income is slim and none.

The reason why I say this, is because of you having a money agenda.

Having a money agenda will not attract people to you, in fact it will do just the opposite. They will feel and know that is the only reason you want them in your business. They will know that you don't care about them at all. So that right there will kill it for you.


It's sad but true, many people do not realize this. This is where they lose out, and this is one reason why people fail miserably, get frustrated and end of quitting their business.

That's where your burning desire comes in, because it is a requirement for you to be determined to succeed and YOU won't quit and in turn this will drive you take action every day. This is the slight edge in action, and it calls for persistent daily action.

Now comes dedication and this plays a big part when your drive, determination and burning desire are in place. This is a major obstacle for some because so many people have a lack mentality and what this means is, they are working on a job that is not going to allow them to retire and have financial freedom. In addition they can't meet all their monthly obligations. YOU got to realize that the economy is on a downward spiral and it's a fact that things don't look great right now.

So people are turning to the internet and looking for ways to make money online, and here's where it gets all messed up. They don't have the skills and training to know if a business opportunity is a scam or not. So they end up getting into the wrong business, and then they wind up not making any money, and then they meet someone that tells them they have to join another business so that way they will have multiple streams of income. What a bunch of BS.
I wrote a post about this one, you can check out the link below on why this is not a good thing.

Residual Income - Not Multiple Streams Of Outgo (Income)

Now one more thing that must be in place is to be passionate about what you are doing. Your passion must be, first and foremost to help people and the only way to do that is by getting rid of All the negativity that surrounds you so that you can get clarity, and by doing this you will be able to FOCUS and concentrate your efforts on building a relationship first and getting to know people, so YOU will know what they need. This is so very important and I see so many people making a huge mistake because they have a money agenda, and they are just spinning their wheels and this much I know just as sure as my name is Terri Pattio. They will be starting all over again in a new business and this is where the problem will arise because now they have no credibility. There reputation and trust is gone and they will continue on in this cycle until they finally get it. Now they are ready to ask for help. Here's a big tip that I will share with you.

Network marketing is a relationship business, not a sales business!

Say that over and over, again and again, let it sink in.

There is help for you and I highly recommend that you check out my video at the link below. This is THE ONLY WAY YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IN NETWORK MARKETING!

VIDEO: Is Your Life Worth 30 Days? and when you have finished looking at the video then you should definitely take the next step which is to get my FREE e-book. This is must and a requirement for you to change your destiny so that you will have residual income and financial freedom.

Mentor with a servant's heart
"Live and learn in the now"


GathersInformation said...

Great Website Layout on what you are presenting what you are doing is well put together.

Dennis Thorgesen said...

All businesses require building relationships with someone. This we see as the most important information in this article. No matter your form of business if you believe you can succeed without building relationships you are in for a big surprise.

Dennis Thorgesen said...

Every business requires building relationships with those you sponsor. If your selling products you need a relationship with your customers. It is more cost effective to resell to an existing customer than to find a new one. In business relationships equal dollars in your pocket.