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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Internet Targeted Traffic - All In A Days Work! (Part Two)

I'm back and ready to share another way that I am generating free targeted traffic daily. If this is your first time here then I highly recommend that you read part one of my post first.

Just click here ==> Internet Targeted Traffic.

Now as promised I will share with you a site that I am currently using called Triberr and I really like this system because of what it does and how it works, whenever I publish a new post to my blog it will be automatically tweeted to all my Tribe twitter followers. (they are not all my followers) I know what you're thinking, elaborate on this Terri.

You can check out how it works here ==> Triberr and if you are interested in being a part of my tribe, then I will send you an invite to join. Now what is a tribe on Triberr?

To empower groups of bloggers to effectively generate traffic, exchange content, and build engagement around their blog.

Next I must tell you about the other way that I am getting targeted traffic worldwide. In one word "SWEEVA." Yes you may have heard of it and didn't give it a second thought, it's a social browsing site and I know you don't really get it. Let me explain further and for me to do that I will recommend that you read the post below I wrote about it.

SWEEVA - Instant Website Traffic

I have saved the best for last, coming up in my next post is the finale in this series. I encourage you to return back here and I will be sharing with you how I am getting highly targeted traffic every month. Just last month (October 2011) I set an all time record and I'm expecting it to go even higher this month. It will be worth your time to read this final segment so you can accomplish the same results that I'm getting, and grow your business.

As an extra gift from me to you, I want to share this knowledge with you about network and internet marketing. It's my FREE e-book, and all you need to do is click on the book located to the right and get it. In it is the truth you need, not a bunch of lies that is being perpetrated on the internet. Learning the truth will make you free to succeed in business. Don't buy into the hype, simply click the link below and tell me your biggest struggle and I will help you to have residual income.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure you will attract a bunch of leaders from the $31,000 people!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

Zombie said...

If all leads were coming from targeted traffic wow how much easier would it be to build an online business. It scary to think but it is possible.

MBRE Ventures II said...

Thank you for sharing this information Terri, I feel that it will be of great help to me. I will keep you posted.

Philippe Moisan said...

I gotta go back to Sweeva, thanks for reminding me, Terri :)