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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Internet Targeted Traffic - All In A Days Work!

A day in the life of Terri Pattio. I will give you a summary of what I do consistently on a daily basis to get targeted traffic worldwide. For the record, this is FREE targeted traffic and YOU can do it too. Now the first thing I do is:

1. I use the groups on Facebook and it gives me a lot of exposure with viral capabilities. If you don't know about Viral Marketing, then YOU can read my previous post and
learn more about it. This is one thing you will want to implement right away and get it going quickly, because it means massive traffic for your website.
Please look at the video below and learn how to create a successful Facebook group.

2. Imfaceplate is a social networking website that I use. I have been with this site since it began. It has many, many benefits that I like very much. The first benefit that is advantageous for marketers: writing articles that will get indexed and ranked by the search engines provided that you choose excellent keywords, this will get you exposure and guaranteed targeted traffic. I generally do this a couple of times a week. It will get seen by members on the site as well.

Also every time I make a post to my primary blog, it automatically get posted here because I have added my RSS feed on here as well.

Also there is a SHOUT BOX which I use to announce special information that I want to share with my friends. It will get displayed in the community activity as well. Not only do my friends see it, but everyone on the IMFaceplate community sees it too.

One other feature I want to tell you about is, the SPOTLIGHT is where you can post videos and advertising for others to see. You can add your Youtube channel here and every time you upload a new video on Youtube it will automatically be here too.

I like the discussions over here very much because it allows you to meet people and get to know them. You can start a discussion and this gets posted in the community, this is good branding and people can become your friend. I really like this site very much and it has been very good for me.

One other thing I want to share is Adzly, this is where you can post your ads and you will be getting very viral advertising meaning that your ads will be seen on the IMFaceplate site but on other people's website. You see that widget at the top of this page, my ads are getting displayed at this very minute to potential partners and customers. Here's the thing it's FREE advertising because you earn credits every time you get traffic to your site and your ad will get displayed. This is viral marketing and I love it. If your site is generating a lot of traffic, it makes sense that your ads will be shown a lot. I encourage YOU to create your widget today and put it on your website(s). So tell people about Adzly and when they join, create their widget you will earn credits too and have your ads displaying everywhere.

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I will share with you another way that I am getting Internet Targeted Traffic daily. You MUST read it because this is going to blow your mind. It is totally automatic and it will get you Twitter followers as well.

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allystewart said...

Some good advice here. I want to join adzly. I am a member of faceplate but never used it yet. It's time to have another look.

Thanks for all your advice.