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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

FREE MLM Training - What's Important To Your Prospect When Deciding On A Company? (Part Two)

Well I'm back and now I am going to reveal the answers and hopefully you have rated them as instructed from my previous post. If you are new here and have not read part one then you can just click here and do so now.

Let's begin, and we shall find out "Are YOU Thinking Like A Prospect?

The number one thing that is important to the prospect is:

1. Who gave the presentation? I hope this doesn't surprise you, because if you put something else as number one then it's not looking good for you. I've said it once before in previous post, and I will say it again here PEOPLE JOIN PEOPLE! It's YOU that they know, like and trust. It's not about the company or any products, it's just simply YOU!

So moving on to number two, and that is, Upline Support. Your prospect wants to know if you can help them, and and will the up-line be any help too. Makes sense, let's look at it this way would you want someone to sponsor you in the business and then you're just left all alone and don't know what to do next? It doesn't make you feel confident in your decision to join them in their network marketing company, and now you're wondering if anyone is going to join you because you don't know if you want to continue. It's a bitter pill to swallow, there again it's all about YOU!

What's number three, is there Training Provided? Still again it's about you and no mention of money yet. All that matters to your prospect is "Will YOU Help Me?"
Do YOU have a system in place which I can follow to help me be successful, and what about conference calls that they can get on, is it sufficient to teach me the skills that I will need for my business? These are all the questions your prospect wants to know before they want to know about your company. YOU MUST BE ABLE TO ASSURE THEM OF THIS BEFORE YOU EVEN ATTEMPT TO TALK ABOUT YOUR COMPANY!

Number Four would be the "Marketing Plan and Potential Earnings"

Now your prospect is probably wondering "Can I really make money doing this and can you train me?" You don't want to get all into the details of if, just give them an short overview as as not to confuse them. Remember this may very well be someone who is a total newbie and they want understand if you go into too much detail. On the other hand, if they have been another network marketing company and didn't do so good, then you surely want to tread lightly with them too. In either case, just be brief as possible and give them a little bit of how they can make money and reassure them they can do it.

Coming up next is number five. Since we are here and now I will ask how are you doing so far? If you got them all right then you great, so you are thinking like a prospect. However if you have missed on all of the four mentioned above then that's something you have got to work on. It means the success of your business and it is vitally important. Here's number five and it is Product Line. Okay now you can finally talk about products, but hold up a minute, WHOA nelly slow down. All they want to know is "What is the product and can I use it?" Please, please don't waste a lot of time telling them ingredients and such things about the product. They're not ready to hear any of that yet. Just keep is simple, and that is that. Listen and if they ask a question, be ready to answer but be brief and KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Now number six is coming at you, and it is Being First In The Area. Now they want to know if there is potential for growth and this is important to your prospect because they don't want to join a company, and find out in a few years, that the company is shutting it's doors because there is no market for the product anymore. That would be a truly sad day for them because now they have to start all over again.

Moving right along to number seven, and I have to ask "How are you doing so far?" I hope that you have gotten some of them right because if you have missed them all then that would surely not be a good thing for your business.

Back to number seven and it is Company Literature Shown.
YOU CAN'T RELY ON SALES BROCHURE TO SELL SOMEONE. Not even an audio or video tape. Once again it back on YOU. It's making that connection and having a relationship with people. That's what network marketing is, it's a relationship business. I can't make it more clearer than that. If YOU don't have relationships with people then that means your business will not prosper. Bottom line because nothing else matters.

Oh boy we're moving on to number eight, and this a good one. Now your prospect wants to know if the company is legitimate and that they are there. They just want to know that they will send them a check, and that they have an office with an address and a phone they can call them if they need to.

Okay here's number nine Is The Sales Kit Provided?
Now you can tell them about the great videos, and the brochures and all the tools they will get to build their business. Notice this is almost the least important thing the prospect wants to know. Why do you think that is? It's about the top three things that I told you about at the beginning, YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT and what that means if you haven't taken the time to get to know someone, and you trust each other then nothing else matters they won't be a prospect for your business anyway. It's a relationship business and I believe that with all my heart. It's how you build your business and have lifelong friendships in the process. This is truly the only way to do it. It's YOU!

Oh wow we're at number ten and this is the least important thing that a prospect wants to know about when you're speaking to them, and that is Company Management Experience.

They don't want to hear stories about how the president of the company is a family man or if he is down to earth man and he shops at Walmart. It just doesn't matter to them. Just make sure they like and believe you. The only thing that you want to do is leave them with a great impression of you, and that you can call them because you have a friend that know, like and trust you for being who you are.

It all starts with YOU, and now it's time to tally up your score to see how you rank.
Here's how you would do that, take the difference between what you had and the correct answer. (Example: suppose you had number 7 Company Literature shown as number 3 then the difference would be 4.) Now just do that with each item, then add them up and see how you thinking, comparing how yourself to how the prospect is thinking.


If you have taken the time to do this quiz then you will do very nicely in this business and know that to be successful in this business YOU MUST get educated first. I encourage you to go even further by getting my FREE e-book in the sidebar on the right or just click here ==> sign up to join me and my master mind team of professional network marketers and let's all prosper together and have residual income forever.

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