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Saturday, October 22, 2011

FREE MLM Training - An Explanation Of A Pre-Launch Business!

Today I will be educating you about a pre-launch business opportunities. This is information that you MUST READ in order for you to be successful in making money online.

In this post I will give you an illustration of a pre-launch from a traditional business position. Picture this, when you decide to start a business there are certain things you must do before it actually happens. The first thing is capital(money), then you would have to find a location for this business and from the beginning you should know how you are going to market your business (getting people to check you out). Okay having said all of that, let's talk about the marketing phase of it, assuming that you have the capital you need to move on to the next step. You are to decide when you want to open for business. So now you have set the date, this is your grand opening. There is a whole lot of preparation that has to take place before the grand opening. Are you following me so far? PREPARATION! Now let's get back to the internet and think about this, it's the same thing when you see all these pre-launch businesses popping up everywhere and they get people to join them and they're telling everybody to get locked in for the grand opening (pre-launch) of my new business.

What are doing? They are making sure that they will have someone at their business on that day. They want potential prospects so they can make money, but here's the difference between a traditional and internet business. In a traditional business, they have overhead expenses which can be costly, advertising and marketing is one expense and many others too.

In a traditional business you have to make sure that you have a constant stream of customers, and it's the same with an internet business. Now here's the difference with the internet, you get people's name and email address and build your list, it's those people that opted in for their new business and even though the new business went up in smoke on opening day, they have got a list of potential customers that they can send an email about their next business opportunity. It's a never ending cycle and did you make any money. Nope not at all.

What happened? They got your contact information and can email you or sell there list they just created and make a very good profit. Why? It's because people don't take the time to check out these companies that are in pre-launch. These so called businesses will promise you that you will make $10,000 in 30 days. It's an EASY LURE so don't fall for it. Check out the management team and see if they are qualified to run a business.


A pre-launch is simply a new business and they want to get as many people to sign up and get on their list. There are many people that believe that if you get in early, or at the beginning of a new business that you are in the best possible position for success. Oh really then why is it, every new business opportunity that comes out, after the day of their pre-launch, you don't hear anymore about that business. It's because it was built on hype. "Get in now, get locked in now, or one of my favorites get in and have spillover." Oh my goodness don't fall the spillover myth, you're just targeting a bunch of lazy people that want something for nothing. If you have been to my blog before then you already know about spillover. If not you can read about it now.

Pre-launches is NO good at all, and people should realize this. You want to get in a company that has been in business for at least two years or more, and after that time they have gotten things pretty much in order and there is no need to be making a whole lot of changes and there is no need to be messing with the compensation plan so you won't get paid.

I wrote this post to educate you. I want your success and I will help you when you speak up. That's all it is to it.

All YOU must do is get my FREE e-book right now. It's located in the sidebar to the right. When you do this, I will contact you within 36 hours. So get my e-book now, and I can get started helping you to make that residual income that you desire.


James the healthy coffee guy said...

Thanx Patti, as usual you lay it on the line.

Terri L. Pattio said...

Thank you James, I do my best to give my readers the best information that has value for their time.