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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Network Marketing Success - Let's Just Cut To The Chase, And Come To A Realization Right Now!

If you listen to the wrong person, you will buy into the saying "It's a numbers game." And to that I can respond to and say this much. Network marketing is not a numbers game, and those that believe this are probably direct marketers. This is there favorite phrase, and this is how you will know those direct marketers. They all say it, pay attention when you are attending a webinar or lecture.

It is a RELATIONSHIP business. Here's the realization you MUST come to in order to be successful in this business. You must remember that it IS a process, there is no shortcut around this. YOU MUST get to know, like and trust people before you can determine if they are someone you want to be in business with. Stop believing that it's a numbers game, people are people. How would you feel if someone spoke to you only because they wanted to sell you there products or get you in there business? It wouldn't feel good at all. That's called having a money agenda, and in business it will not serve you to have a money agenda because people have feelings and can feel it. It will turn them off and they will be ready to get away from you.

It would be so obvious to them and the next time they see you, it's likely that they will try to avoid you. So YOU surely want to work on losing that money agenda, it will stagnate your business, and success will not happen for you. That's when frustration will begin to set in, I've seen this happen to so many people, and there is only one thing they can do and that is, get focused and clear there mind by getting rid of the negativity and chatter that has been planted in there subconscious mind.

How do you get rid of the chatter and clear your mind? There is only one way of doing this, and now I want you to look at the video below:

Now will YOU do it? Will you commit yourself to 30 days and join me on the mental cleanse mastermind call? As Michael says in the video, it's free and this is priceless and it will give you clarity and you will be laser focused and all the negativity and chatter will be gone from your mind forever.

The 30 day mental cleanse works and the reason I am telling you this, because I have been through it and will continue doing it because just as the world is turning as I am writing this, there will always be negativity and OPC (other people's chatter) just waiting to get inside your subconscious mind, and you want to keep only good positive thoughts inside your mind all the time.




Ravenmyth said...

You are right is all about relationships...that is where you build trust and long term business returns. Just forget about the from passion and the rest will come...including the money. I know, I have built and run 2 successful business's. It works...

Terri L. Pattio said...

Thank you Raven for your comments. It's what drives me, because I am very passionate about helping people to be successful.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's hard to find long-term success when you have a "money-agenda". Clients/prospects don't like it and it can be mentally and emotionally draining.

henryrios said...

Another one of my favorite marketing tips is stay consistent with your efforts and track your progress so you can measure your results. Network marketing is the successful marketing at present time.

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Philippe Moisan said...

Hello Terri,

I love this post. You tell it like it is. I like your way of comparing "it's a numbers game" to "it's a relationship business". People are way too much in a hurry, I guess they believe the hype about making money fast with referrals.