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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

5 Tips Why You Need A LinkedIn Group

Published by Merle Gibbins on Syndication Express

5 Tips Why You Need A LinkedIn Group


I am sure you have heard of LinkedIn and it is a great way of connecting with other marketers, entrepreneurs and professionals.

There are many people on LinkedIn who are
in the earning bracket of $100,000 per year and more.  By socialising
with these people you are going to get a better education on the rules
and know how’s of marketing.

So by creating a group on LinkedIn you have a greater opportunity of 
connecting with other like minded people and below are the reasons why …
 1.  Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader
The initial thing that starting your own LinkedIn Group 
does is establish you as the leader! 
That in itself is a power benefit. 
You control the action in your group. 
You control the discussions, membership 
to your group, and the flow of information. 

LinkedIn members will join your group to connect with you 

and others who think like them. 

By placing yourself in the position of authority, you
are practicing Attraction Marketing in its best form. Asking a
thought-provoking question is a great way to get that started!

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5 Tips Why You Need A LinkedIn Group

Monday, June 20, 2016



By Todd Treharne

I have heard it said that if you want to be rich, you should hang around rich people! 

You ever hear that?  The advice sounds reasonable. 
You know, after all, birds of a feather do flock together. 

However, this is only half the story. If you really want
to be rich, you have to think like the rich. As Paul Harvey said"And
now, the rest of the story…"

Steve Siebold spent nearly three decades interviewing rich people around the world to find out what separates them from the 99%. 

His finding is summed up in a new book, How Rich People Think!

Steve concluded that being rich has little to do with the money itself. 

Instead, it had everything to do with mentality and how you think about money. 

The book is a pretty good read, and I recommend you get a copy. 

In the book, Steve divides people between “World Class” and “Middle Class”! 
I will call the groups the 99%and the 1%.

I know most won't read this list, that is why most aren't rich. 

You have to be willing to do the easy things most folks aren't willing to.

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