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Friday, October 17, 2014

MLM Training - The Power of Thinking Differently!

MLM Training - The Power of Thinking Differently.

How much do you respect your clients and potential customers?

Are you overlooking something?

Something that is potentially very damaging to your business.

It's something that could be very damaging to your business.

I was reading an article by Michael Oliver and his post asked a question and it's something I see people do everyday online.

"Is Prospecting, Respecting?"

The following is an excerpt from his article and I recommend you follow the link below to continue reading the rest of his post.  It will be very beneficial and informative.
If you want to differentiate yourself, both in your professional and personal life, look for ways to think, be, say and do things differently. This is one way to attract people to you. This is also how you attract people who will stay with you!

And doing this is not difficult. It’s simply a question of talking with people differently and applying some simple, and profound, principles.

 Here is an example of what I mean.

The Training VP of a major corporation was talking with me about how his company had a program that focused on respecting its clients and potential customers. This was reinforced with posters and ceiling hangers which were very evident in the office.

However, having heard him use the word prospects earlier I saw that there was a potential disconnect. The words prospect and respect didn’t resonate.

Continue reading at the link below:

Is Prospecting, Respecting? You Decide!

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