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Monday, April 14, 2014

REAL TALK : Isn't it interesting to see Postings/ Ads that says...

REAL TALK : Isn't it interesting to see Postings/ Ads that says...

No Recruiting
but please go to my website...

Hello I know they think we all all internet dummies

but anyone should be able to see thru that.

I get calls all the time about buying leads or getting

FREE LEADS and I ask them... why they are not sending

their information to the FREE LEADS that they have?

GET 500
FREE LEADS everyday... If they gave

them to 1000 people then everyone would be

talking to each other. It is more than the

population. At some point you would run out of people.

Some things should Be Right in Your Face Plain and Simple

Common Sense

Why would I join a company and pay my money then

enroll and new customer and not get paid for it?

They say you must have one on the Right and One

on the Left. What???

They say you must give away a sale to your UPLINE.

What has the upline done for me? They just took my

money then they want me to give them my sale too.

Hello... I was born in the morning but not this morning.


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Ted Johnson - Advanc-ED PD | Press Release: REAL TALK : Isn't it interesting to see and Postings/ Ads that says...


Jaye Carden said...

I think the ones I see that have really long videos, and they say "I stole or hacked this software and now I want to give it to you" and they demonstrate with these bad actors how they simply push a button, sign in, click here, and then click there, and wholla! You are making over 4 grand a day! So, how does this work? And why in the heck would you want to give it to me? Then at the end of the video it's yours free for only $49.95. Those are the most fake to me! Loved reading your article, and congrats on becoming the Featured Member Of The Day on IBO Today!

Terri L. Pattio said...

I feel the same way Jaye, they're fakes all the way and just want to make a fast buck off people. Thank you for your input on the post.