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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MLM Training - A Script to use for Paid Leads

Written by Jaye Carden

If you are using paid leads as a source to build your network marketing business, then this may be of good use to you.

 Here is a well converting script to use when calling paid leads. 

"Hi _____ this is _____ from _(city&state)_  I understand
you filled out a form on my website expressing an interest in our Home
Based Income Project.

 I was hoping we could visit for a few minutes so I could get
you all the information you need and answer any questions you may have.

 Is this a good time for you to speak?"

NO (not a good time): I understand, just a quick question: Are
you still interested in learning more about our home based income
project?  If yes: schedule the presentation appointment, if no, then

YES (a good time): Great! What I need to do is set up a good
time for us to cover the information. I will be sending you via email
more information, and we will discuss it when we both have about 30
minutes to cover it.
(Schedule the presentation appointment)
Continue reading at the link below:

Jaye Carden | Press Release: A Script to use for Paid Leads

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