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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Successful Business And Happy Marriage - When Your Spouse Doesn't Believe In Network Marketing (Part 1)

This post is dedicated to all the married people out there, and this is going to be a wake up call to action.

There are many married couples that are going through this right now, and they are wondering what to do about it. This is what happens when one spouse wants to pursue network marketing and the other says NO. It's a waste of time and money, and the kicker is the majority of spouses out there just don't understand how network marketing works. It's usually a one-sided deal, because while the other spouse is trying to explain it to them they are not open minded enough to want to understand it. It's just them being pig headed and wanting their way and not willing to compromise. On many occasions they may be justified in thinking this way, perhaps at one time they were open to it and it didn't work out, so they have come to the conclusion that since it didn't work the last time it won't now. That's okay for them to feel that way, they have a right to have their feelings.

But on the other hand, does that mean you just give up because it didn't work out the first, second or even the third time. If your spouse is willing to look at it in a positive way, experience is the best teacher and as you learn, grow and gain knowledge, YOU gain insight as to what to do to make it work. But if your better half is not willing to go through it again because they have been let down and in a sense they may have lost a little confidence in you, thinking that it can't be done and just don't want to risk losing anymore money. That's understandable and this is where compromise is needed, and sitting down and coming to some kind of agreement will make a major difference.

A point to think about here, life is a risk everyday. We take a risk at night because we don't know if we will wake up in the morning. Hmmmm how's that for heavy duty thinking.
It is what it is...LIFE!

Back to what I saying earlier, this is where the problem might arise. It's when the two of you have sat down, expressed your opinions and concerns to each other. But no agreement has been made on what to do, so the spouse that wants to do network marketing, pursues it anyway without an agreement. This is not going to set well with their spouse, and they will be negative about it, and this will cause problems in the marriage. There are endless possibilities of the things that can happen because of this decision you made to pursue your dreams to make a better life for you and your family.

You have a goal of having residual income and not being in a J.O.B. the rest of your life. YOU know that it can be done, but the problem is your spouse doesn't understand how it will when it didn't before. So YOU set out to prove it to them and you begin your pursuit of peace and happiness by having your own home business without your spouse backing you.

What happens doing this time while you are in pursuit to show your spouse that you can do network marketing and be a success at it?

In one word, now you have lost FOCUS!

Your goal has changed because now you have it in your mind that you got to prove something to your better half.

Mainly it's your ego saying, I CAN DO THIS AND THEY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND! So now instead of you pursuing your dream it's about showing your spouse that you can be successful.


Now in part two I will be talking about how to change this scenario all around and make it work for you and have your partner behind you 100 percent, because this is the only way it will work.

So you will have to return here to catch the finale to this post on tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you back here and remember to always "Learn in the now."

Mentor with a servant's heart


Gabester said...

Interesting take and you're right about losing focus as your ego gets in the way.You have described me to a tee so I can't wait to read part two.

Jane Porterfield said...

Hi Terri. This post is very, very important! I know of at least 3 women who have walked away from success because their spouse didn't support what they were doing. I have one friend in particular that I'll be sharing this post with. Thanks for writing this!

Jane Porterfield

Darleen Lanham said...

Terri, let me say how well you have nailed this topic. If you have a spouse that feels that they know best and have actually failed personally in this subject in the past, they are certainly not going to believe that you can do any better. Yes, at this point you take it upon yourself to "prove" to them YOU CAN make it work. But there are also times when you just have to prove things to "yourself". Especially if you have not had the confidence in yourself for years to be able to succeed in anything. A person MUST have FAITH and BELIEVE in themselves even when no one else will. Great post, Terri. On my way to part 2.