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Thursday, January 19, 2012

MLM Tip - Focus On The Reward Not The Process!

When you have made your decision that you want to start a home business.

YOU must FOCUS ON THE REWARD, because focusing on the process will involve you getting educated first. Many people do not have the skills and training needed to choose a business opportunity that will put them in the best possible position for success.

This is a true statement I am making because you are not taught how to start your own home business. Everyone has been told to go to school, then college and get a good job. You see what I mean, it's all wrong.

Everybody gets this programming from their parents, and it get passed along from generation to generation. What ends up happening, people wind up in all sorts of debt because that J.O.B. is not enough money to pay all their bills they have accumulated. Most often people get laid off or end up doing a job that they don't like and want out of it because it will not allow you to retire and have residual income

So they end up getting on the internet and looking at someone's hyped up website, then they join some scam and usually it doesn't work out like they thought. Now they have lost more money.

Who wants to go through all of this, just do it right from the start.


This is the process, the beginning of YOU making money online, you cannot eliminate this step. Don't put the cart before the horse. I know you have probably heard this saying, and if you haven't then you know about it now.

Anything you do in life is a process, you need a key to start your car, without that key you can't go anywhere.

Without education about network marketing, the same thing applies here.


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Don Sabelhaus said...

Great article, and so true, thanks for posting your words of wisdom!

Lucy said...

Success in mlm business depends a lot upon the way you approach the marketing business. Study the popularity of product line, structure of the industry ant the experience of the personnel.

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Terri L. Pattio said...

Thank you Lucy for taking the time to read my post and leaving your thoughts about this subject. I wish you much success in your business.