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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Advice On Relationships - A testimony to share with you all.

Today's post will be different because I want to share a video with you that a Facebook friend of mine made about me. What I want you to know is this, I was just doing what I do everyday and that is help people when I see someone that I can help. It's not about trying to get them in my business. It's just about doing what comes natural to me.

On this day I helped a friend of mine and you will find out his name from the video I am about to share with you. When I was done helping him, he thanked me and he was very appreciative and I told him that I was happy to do it. I proceeded to continue with my daily work routine, and later on that day I went back to Facebook and to my surprise I saw a video and it was about ME. It was my friend and he took the time to make a testimonial video about me. I thought, WOW that was totally cool of him to do this. He really appreciated my help because he said it in the video.

It's very rewarding when someone goes out of their way to say thank you. Gratitude is the word I think of.

What a way to show gratitude and I really do appreciate you Philippe Moisan, you are a true friend and I am very glad to know such a kind person as you.

Just think if I hadn't taken the time to connect in the first place, then I would have been missing out on his friendship. Also I learned about his talent with doing videos, many people do not have this skill and if you take my advice you should look at his Youtube channel and subscribe. We can help each other and this is the way it's supposed to be. Forget about making money and just help someone without expecting anything in return, and see how it makes you feel. It's a great feeling and I am proud to boast about it here in this post, I love being this way and it is who I am spiritually inside.

Your life still goes on whether you have money or not. Having a lot of money didn't help Steve Jobs. He had a serious health condition and having all that money couldn't keep him from dying. We all have to die and that is the fact, but if you have no friends or family that you can talk to and share your feelings with, then is your life really a good one? I say it's not. You're all alone, well not really because if YOU believe in God then that's who you lean on the most and talk too. God will listen and hear you. Be grateful! Having a good friend helps a plenty too.

Gratitude is a good thing, and I encourage everyone to look at the video and think about what I said above. GRATITUDE is what I felt when I looked at it. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and here's to my friend Philippe and to all the friends I am to meet in the future.

View video here

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Philippe Moisan said...

Hello Terri,

I did the testimonial because you went the extra mile in helping me, and you didn't push anything on me, you just answered my numerous questions or offered suggestions on things I had done. I didn't even know what you were promoting. To me, that's building relationships 101.


davinci said...

I love this article Terri. It was so perfectly said. Give, share, love and so it is for you.

Lawrence Bergfeld said...

You definitely have to listen to what people want and help them get what they need, you never know that one person can bring in thousands of people so build that relationship the best that you can!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

John said...
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Brian and Felicia White said...

Absolutely love this video & post! You hit the nail on the head in stating that we are in the people and relationship business first and foremost! You consistently deliver so much value to the marketplace and we are grateful for you and your friendship! Thanks for sharing!