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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Network Marketing - Join The Wrong Company And It's A Wipeout For YOU!

Have you ever watched a show called Wipeout? The people that get on this show are doing all kinds of crazy stuff to get to the finals so that they will have a shot at winning $50,000. It seems pretty ludicrous for people to be so hard up for money that they will go to this extreme to get it. The reason I bring this up is, why not just put your efforts into learning what you need to do to get the money that you want so that when it starts rolling in, it will never stop. This is what is called residual income.

Residual Income is not linear income. Linear income is where you have to trade time for money, in other words you don't get paid until you do the actual work for it. This will not do, and residual income is way better anyway. Once you have it, it will keep coming to you even when you stop working, and take a vacation or decide that you just don't want to work for a few days. YOU CAN HAVE RESIDUAL INCOME! That's the whole the point of me writing this, to show you how.

Now having said all that, I will be sharing with you how to find and know if you are in the right network marketing company, it's all laid out and detailed in a FREE e-book that will be your guide to a successful home business. YOU will have access to FREE MLM Training forever. I know this to be very true, because I am the proof that this is what you need. I want YOU to be successful and I will be there with you every step of the way. Just go to my website and get the e-book now.

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Terri Pattio
Network Marketer and MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart


Anonymous said...

This article is excellent Terri people have to learn how to evaluate network marketing companies because without it they are throwing years of their life into the wastebasket.

Lawrence Bergfeld

Anonymous said...

Great post, Terri. It amazes me, too, to see the extremes that people go to just to get money. (RT)