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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Viral Marketing - Why You Must Use It?

Good day to you and I hope that you got plenty of nuggets from my post yesterday. Just in case you didn't read it, you can always do so by clicking here now.

My whole purpose of writing this article is to give you value and information that you can use in your marketing strategies. I can't think of anything more important then increasing your brand awareness. This is especially important if you are new to the internet and don't know about branding. This is the best way of increasing and getting the word about you, your product or service.

Now I will begin by saying this, as I said yesterday. I do use these techniques everyday and if you will check my profile out, you will see that I have branded my name very good on all the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others on the internet. All YOU have to do is Google my name and you will see that my reputation is what I say it to be.

Moving on to the information you came here for. Viral Marketing is POWER MARKETING. I like to call it power marketing because that's what it is to me. It is most commonly referred to as "internet word of mouth."

One of the techniques is a particular strategy that's used where a specific population (or group of people) or a specific individual is selected. The reason for doing this will be obvious when you continue reading the next technique I will share with you.

As a viral marketer, you want to try and find person(s) that have high potential for social networking. In other words people that you see daily on the social networking websites. You have to keep your ears and eyes open to find those people and this in turn will help you to grow your chain. Folks I'm telling you this is so easy to do on Facebook because it has a vast amount of users that actively use it on a daily basis. Out of the 500 million users, there is a significant amount of people that log in every single day and that means you can reach those people with your viral message when you do this one technique correctly.

Now it don't take a great deal of time to find people that are regular users just go through your newsfeed and find several people and check out their friends, you get to do this by checking out the comments in your newsfeed. If you find posts that looks interesting, and if it has a lot of people commenting on it. Just click on a few people and see if you're already a friend. If you're not a friend you can get to know them and by making a comment on a post with them, you are interacting with them on that post. Now you can check out their profile (NOTE:Remember who you are looking for) and find out more about them and decide if you want to add them as a friend, the rest is so easy because their friends in a sense can become your friends. Every time you send out a viral message they will be seeing it too. This is how you will create and increase your brand awareness.

You can make use of several advertising tools like videos, e-book or reports to share with people and find the specific person(s) that you are looking for. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that both the product/service and the tool (that a marketer uses) is something that they're interested in.

Your reputation is at stake if you don't do this precisely as I have laid it out. Don't rush things, just let it take a naturally course, and everything will be smooth sailing for you.

Stay tuned and click the following link as I will be sharing with you the advantages of viral marketing to help you spread awareness about your brand. This is your main purpose for doing POWER MARKETING.

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