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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Building A Relationship - Getting to know someone has EXCELLENT BENEFITS for your business!

What I will be talking about today is, Building A Relationship That Will Last A Lifetime, and how it can be very rewarding for you and your business.

A relationship involves communicating with someone, and you share thoughts and ideas with each other, learning what each other likes and dislikes are, and why? In other words finding out just what makes one another tick. It can be easy and fun, getting to know someone. Excuse me but there will be some good and sad times. Didn't want to leave that out. But you will get through it together, and the relationship will grow even more.

Now when you first meet someone (whether it be on the phone, social networking, or in person) you don't have a lot to go on. Until someone takes the initiative and makes the first move and say something. Here's what I want to point out to you, when you say and do the right things, it's really easy and you will be successful in building a relationship that will last forever.

It's all about saying the right thing to get someone attention so that they will listen to you and what you have to say. All YOU do is build on that, and if there's any kind of chemistry going on. You've just started your relationship.

It's all about connecting, MAKING THAT CONNECTION.
Now sometimes you might not connect the first time, don't throw in the towel so fast. You should try it a second time and maybe even a third time if you feel the relationship with this person is important to you. Maybe you might use another angle and see if you can get some kind of interaction going one.

At this point, I want to share with you, an excerpt from an MLM ebook I read and this is what it says:

One question I'd hear over and over was, "Why do some people succeed, while others NEVER do?"

And the answer that kept coming up over and over again was, successful people made the effort to understand what really makes people tick...what motivates them...why they make the choices they make.
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You've got to make the EFFORT, I mean really NO EFFORT, NO SUCCESS. If success is not a burning desire INSIDE YOU. Then you won't have the motivation to make the effort to begin a relationship with someone. After all people join people, not some company. Having a home business is not about sales and profit or how much you made last month. It's about YOU getting to know who someone really is. When YOU get to know someone, that can be a beautiful thing. Watch how things will begin to happen. Everything will fall into place. This is so POWERFUL, I hope that if you get anything out of this post, that's what I want YOU to get. How powerful this is. That is where I can help you.

Learning people's personalities can really impact your business and life positively. No doubt about it.

Now if you're in a business, and let's just say you're doing okay. So my question to you. Would you like to be doing more than okay? How about if I say it another way. Would you like to have WEALTH? Or here's another way to put it. Would you like to have FREEDOM? How about FINANCIAL FREEDOM?

Two great words, you would have to agree with me...right? ABSOLUTELY!

Well if you said "YES" no hesitation at all to what you've just read, then you are who I am looking for. I challenge you NOW to make the effort and GO HERE NOW and let's get busy so YOU can have the WEALTH AND FREEDOM that you desire.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Building Your Network Marketing Business - How To Have Fun Doing It?

Yes, YOU can have fun building your network marketing business. If you're not then you ARE NOT doing it right!

Big statement, yeah I know.

But here's what I know and learned from experience.

It's not about having the best product, or recruiting someone in your business to get that almighty BONUS CHECK.

It's more to it then that. If you believe otherwise you are sadly mistaken. How quickly you will learn the truth when the person that joined you doesn't do anything.

This is your wake up call, LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!
When the video is over, continue reading.

While that man was in the hole, someone sent a rope down to him so he could get out of that hole. I want YOU out of the hole you're in. Your lack of success is not your fault. Here's the HOPE you need to climb out of that hole of failure in your business, and climb the ladder of SUCCESS.

Here's what happened to me in one of my network marketing companies I joined in the past. I sponsored someone into my MLM company and they were all excited because I had convinced them that they was about to make BIG MONEY when they did so.

I didn't know what was coming up for me, they got there first order in and begin using it. They didn't like it because they said it didn't help them (at the time they had a cold) so listening to me they used it to help their cold and when it didn't, all I could say was, well it worked for me continue using it. You can probably guess what happened. They didn't do anything to build their business and they quit. But we're still friends and that's a good thing. Oh by the way all I got paid was $30. But it was a good learning experience for me.

A valuable lesson that's in my story I just told: If I had known then what I know now. The results would have been different. But when you don't know, you don't know. But I have learned a many things from a FREE source that I will share with you in just a minute.

But Here's How to Get Good MLM leads:

1. Meet Prospects and have FUN doing it.

One thing I do is, when I go into the grocery store and I'm getting ready to checkout. I always get into the longest line. Why? Because most people are in a hurry and want to get out, so when a person comes up behind me I always offer them to go ahead of me as a gesture. You know what they will say next-thank you, and that will give me a chance to start up a conversation with them. I always have my business card or maybe ask them a question or something. It's up to you what you want to say.

But that is a great way to meet prospects and talk to people. Who knows where it will go, but the main thing is that you will have an opportunity to present your business card and talk to them. They will acknowledge your card, and they will either ask you for more information or say thank you. In any case, you got to share your business. See what comes out of it. If you left an impression on the person, they will remember you the next time that you see them in the store and may later decide to call you back, and they will have your business card to do so.

If I had knew years ago what I just shared with you about getting prospects, I probably would have fared a whole lot better with that person I sponsored in my other MLM company years ago. Chalk it up as a lesson well learned. It's all because I read a FREE ebook that has changed every thing for me. If you would like to get it then just simply go here and GET IT NOW!

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