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Saturday, November 21, 2009

How To Find the RIGHT Business Opportunity and Have A Residual Income?

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Multiple streams of income will not give you a residual income! Who in the heck came up with the idea that it would. Not! I will tell you right now there's no such thing. How about multiple streams of money going out to pay for all of these programs you join hoping that you will make BIG MONEY.

Now tell me if this makes sense to you, take a moment and think about what I'm about to say to you. Think about all of the different programs you've signed up for, now tell me when you add them all up. How much income did you get in just one month? How much did you spend joining them? Now you get where I'm coming from. Is it really working for you?

Yea, yea, I know you were working hard advertising and promoting them. But be honest with yourself. How is it working for YOU? It's not working if you're spending
more than you're making. That's the truth, right?

Glad we got that straight. So how can you honestly believe in multiple streams of income. You're only kidding yourself and the competition is so fierce. The average person just won't make it and what will happen, they generally quit doing it and move on to something else. Every time you look up, you will see someone with the same website that you're promoting, it's enough to make you want to quit right then. And you do eventually when you get tired of beating your head against that wall. OUCH! That hurts very badly, especially when you have to say
goodbye to your money forever.

Not cool at all. So why do that to yourself. There's just so many scam out right now and they are geared at making you think you can be on 'easy street' if you join their program.

Who do you think is winning - only the people who are taking your money and flat out lying to you straight in your face. Once they got your money, say sayonara to them and good luck in trying to make any money.

If you want to get out the hole you've dug for yourself. Get your bank account out of the red. There is help for YOU. YOU get FREE TRAINING DAILY, just CLICK HERE and YOU will learn How to find the right opportunity and have residual income, so that you will have SUCCESS!

Here's a TIP I will share with you, when you are promoting all these different programs, you undermine your network. What I mean by that is, when I see some of these websites and there's a whole of bunch of banners, products and services and then they want to tell you they made 'X' amount of dollars from each one of them. It's such a small amount that they're making from each one. You see my point, they're not making a significant amount of money. Nothing to brag about to impress someone to want to join.

So when people see that, smart people will leave their website quickly. Because you are showing them that you have no identity because you are trying to appeal to them with all your different products or services. THE RESULT is NO trust, loyalty or network.

You're just wasting your time, energy and money searching for opportunities to bring you multiple streams of income.

You are better off in getting the skills and training to learn how to earn a residual income in a business opportunity and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS ON ONLY ONE!!!


FORGET about multiple stream of income, you'll be a lot happier if you do! Why? Because it's not long term for your future.

Don't YOU want to be able to take a two to three week vacation whenever YOU feel like it?

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