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Friday, March 13, 2009

Take away all of the negativity, QUIT COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING!

I received this email from one of my mentors and I want to share it with the world. For those of you that have been here before you know that I love to send out good information that can help you have a successful and happy life.

This is absolutely a must read and I do believe that you should TAKE AWAY ALL THE NEGATIVITY AND QUIT COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Having said that I will let you read this awesome, powerful message and I think you should read it not only once, but twice, maybe even three times. Let it sink it so you can get it from your head to your heart.

Now read.




Earlier this morning, I was at the gym and I overheard a

A negative conversation.

From gas prices to layoffs, this person was complaining about

Blah, blah, blah, this person DEFEATED HIMSELF.

The economy didn’t defeat him, his boss didn’t defeat him, he

That’s the power of our MENTAL ATTITUDE.

It can cause us to WIN, to TRIUMPH, or to defeat ourselves.

This is very important.

It’s so easy to look to the left or look to the right and
find somebody complaining about something.

It’s so easy to join in. Misery loves company.

Don’t do it.


YOU weren’t born to complain. YOU my friend were born to WIN.

We make our own economy.

Work on yourself. Become valuable to others.

Become ATTRACTIVE to others.

Become a problem solver to others.

Don’t pass on a complaining, victim driven attitude to your

Pass on the SPIRIT of a HERO. A winner.

Don’t take two steps today. Take one.

Move forward 1%. Yes, just 1%.

Start speaking TRIUMPH over your life.



People are drawn to me.


I like people and people like me.

Amigo, start going the extra mile for others.

Watch what happens.

Get clear on what you want.

If you’re at a job right now and you want to leave it.

Find out how much money you need to make consistently each
month to leave that job and make that your goal.

Don’t make $1,000,000 your goal. Make it your goal for your
business to pay your monthly expenses plus.

Get started. Don’t join the ‘complaining party’

That party will always be there. You’re ABOVE IT.

The world is waiting to EXPERIENCE your gifts, talents, and

Will you let them?

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Your Coach,


P.S. Be the gift you want to get.

I like the last sentence he says:
"The world is waiting to EXPERIENCE your gifts, talents, and abilities."

That is absolutely the truth, whatever your gift that God has endowed you with, you should use it to yor full potential. If you're not sure what that is, then you need to take time and find out. We all have talents and abilites that's only special for us to use. Really we do. If we don't use them then we are not where God wants us to be. He has a plan for each and everyone of us. Why not use it and start now!

My recommendation is that if you want to know what your strengths are, the first thing you should do is download my FREE ebook now then I want you to join my master mind group and take the 30 day cleanse where you will find out.

Learn more about the 30 day cleanse, continuing reading my other post and by all means have a look at my video. I can guarantee you need this for success if you are struggling in your home business. YOU need to get rid of all the chatter that's going on in your mind, all the negative things that's in the world, just don't be a part of all you hear on TV. Your mind is being programmed by what you see and hear on TV, from people you associate with, and it's causing you to lose focus on YOU. It's all about YOU and what will make YOU happy, not about all that garbage you hear on TV or what people say. Don't listen to it, Please I'm asking you to do a test just for one day, and come back here and tell me what happened and how you felt all day.

Here's what I want you do:
1. Don't look at TV for 24 hours.
2. Don't listen to anybody say anything negative. When you hear it get away from it immediately.
3. Don't talk about anybody or listen to anybody talk about some one else. Get away from it or just meditate and tune it out.

Now at the end of the day see how you feel. I want you to come back here and read this post again. I know you will be a different person and then you can contact me at (409) 982-2185 and let's proceed with getting you to were you're supposed to be.


Talk back to me and give me your comments about this post. Please save this blog to your favorites so you can come back here for future references.

Wishing YOU Success and Happiness Forever!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Power of FOCUS!

The power of FOCUS is critical to your success in business, and in life.
Having a simple, defined GOAL can get the imagination and enthusiasm of people. It can bring an idea to life, it can bring everything that you want to you. YOU have to magnetize your mind with an intense desire for riches.

Success comes to those who are success conscious. YOU must learn the art of changing your mind from failure conscious to success conscious. Knowing what one wants and be determined to stand by that burning desire until you get it. You have to recognize that this is your opportunity to exceed all your expectations. This is only the beginning of you having everything that you want.

I'm not going to tell you it will be easy, you will have to make a whole lot of changes because your mind has been programmed by everything that's in this world. It's so easy to be taken in by things that you hear, see, feel and touch. Whatever it is that you want, my friend you can have it.

I want you to take a look at the video below and what happens afterward,is totally up to you. YOU control your destiny, I challenge you to take me up on my offer and let me help you so that you can have the life others only dream about. Click the link below now:

What are the keys to being a great leader?

My hope is for it to motivate you to do something, which is to change your life, and change your destiny!

What I am offering to you is HOPE for a life of financial freedom FOREVER! Make your decision now and get what I am giving to you FREE!