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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Your Financial Future Is At Stake, IF YOU DON'T READ THIS!!!

There's something that is a threat to your having everything you want in life, I want to share an email from one of my mentors.

YES, this is the TRUTH and YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUS. If you're looking into a business opportunity, I encourage you to take a moment and read this now. With that said, here's what Mike Litman has to say on the subject:

Your Greatest Threat to Wealth is:


It’s not politicians.

Or taxes.

It’s not your environment, your family, or your job.

It’s not.

“Mike, you’re wrong on this one, what is it?”

Amigo, move in a bit closer.

Maybe people will resist the answer.

They will. I can’t do anything about that though.

Move in a bit more.

I’ll whisper it in case it upsets you.



I’ll say it louder.


Your SELFISHNESS is your greatest THREAT to your wealth.

I know this first hand because it bit me too. (Ouch)

Every day, I speak to people who are so SELF ABSORBED in
their own fears, doubts, and worries that they BURY their
talent and leave thousands of people starving for their God
given gifts.

The INWARD MIND can’t get rich.

It’s impossible to create TRUE, GENUINE, and LONG TERM wealth
this way.

Start with Proverbs, head towards Orison Swett Marden, drive
towards Wallace Wattles, say hello to Napoleon Hill; they’re
all saying the SAME thing.

***What precedes REAL WEALTH is REAL SERVICE.

Sow sparingly, you reap sparingly. This is one of the secrets
of the ages. You know this.

Put your past hurts behind you and START thinking OUTWARD.

Start thinking about who you can encourage today, bless
today, and be a friend to.

Do you know what we call people who don’t plant any SUCCESS

We call them employees who hate their jobs.

Stop being so impatient and start planting thoughts and seeds
of success.

There can be no HARVEST where there’s not first SERVICE.

Read this 2 times. Scratch that.

Read this 5 times, at least.

***Become OBSESSIONAL about rendering USEFUL service and
today will be the poorest day of the rest of your life.

Many people say, “I’m unselfish”, but if they look closer
they’re not as unselfish as they think.

Let me end with this one more time.

***Become OBSESSIONAL about rendering USEFUL service and
today will be the poorest day of the rest of your life.

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Your Coach,


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