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Monday, January 19, 2009

Would Twitter charge for friends?

WOW! This is a hot ticket item for all you Twitter lovers.

How can they?

Would they?

That is the question. I've got the juicy details, thanks to WebProNews.

I consider this very important news because there are over a million active members on Twitter. Would Twitter lose a lot of members, or will the members remain. I suppose it depends on if they're there for business or pleasure. If the majority of members are there for business, it could have a major impact. On the other hand if the majority are just there to communicate with other members.

They would just go somewhere else like MySpace, Facebook or some of the other social networking sites that are FREE. Is this a good move, if Twitter should do this.

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That's it for now and I hope that you have a very happy day on this Martin Luther King Holiday.

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